A Spring Wing-Ding

I discovered this weird bird in my backyard this week…


A Spring Wing-Ding

It was “hamming” it up in preparation for an Easter brunch!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

23 responses to “A Spring Wing-Ding

  1. Love this guy! Maybe I’ll see one in my backyard too during this migratory period 😁

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  2. Ah this is lovely. You should illustrate books.

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  3. haha, what a “regal” bird, love her coffee cup eyes

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  4. Your weird birds always make me smile, adorable Jill!

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  5. Good way to start my day. A visit from the Spring Wing Ding and the aroma of ham. 😁💙 HWBW Jill.

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  6. Thanks for the smile, Jill. Happy WB Wednesday!!

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  7. I’m sure I saw one of those earlier today, Jill!

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  8. Oh so wonderfully creative and Fun! you KNOW I LOVE it!!!

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  9. I need a Spring Wing-Ding today!! Thanks my friend !😃💕Adore this!

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  10. I love the eyes…and it does sound delicious! (K)

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  11. I love this, Jill! I have been doing more mixed media lately and have been thinking about using papers and gift wrapping paper to create some animals! Thanks for the inspiration! 🐥🐦

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