Coloring Eggs

I splashed some watercolor paint around on hot press paper the other day…


It reminded me of coloring eggs as a child.

I cut some egg shapes out of my painted paper and decided to add them to my table for Easter brunch.  They will make good name plates as you can see in the right photo:

My grandma placed a few candies in paper muffin cups at each person’s table setting… it was such a fun idea that I use it too!

I had a few minutes yesterday to make an Easter sign for my table and color a few more eggs!  😉


Coloring eggs with watercolor on paper is so fun!  I encourage you to give it a try!

Cheers! 🙂

23 responses to “Coloring Eggs

  1. great art minds think alike Jill, I did colored eggs for my post today too! Your muffin cups are too cute! Have a wonderful Easter!

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  2. Color everywhere!!! I love it. I was painting splashes of color yesterday for my next collage. Happy Easter Jill!

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  3. Have a happy and color filled Easter Jill. 🐇🐰💞

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  4. Oh I love it!! That’s so much fun. I dyed eggs this year which I haven’t done in a long time. Brings back a lot of memories. 😀
    Happy Easter, Jill!! 🐰🌷🐣

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  5. Fun! Happy Easter.

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  6. A wonderful way to welcome spring! (K)

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  7. Lovely colours! Happy Easter!

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  8. Ooh the watercolor colors go nicely with the Easter eggs! Happy Easter!

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  9. Hope you had a lovely Easter, Jill! How sweet that you are continuing one of your grandmother’s traditions. 💖

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    • Hi Carol, it was a lovely day! 🌷 We had my MIL and my hubby’s sister and her husband for brunch at our home. It was a sunny, warm day! ☀️ What did you do to celebrate? 😍💕🌿

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      • We had great weather too. Had lunch with my parents and dinner at my husband’s parents’ house. All us kids bring all the food and dessert so they can relax and enjoy their company. We are blessed to have both sets of parents in our lives!


      • Sounds like the perfect day! 💗😍 Nice that you and your siblings provide the meals so your parents can enjoy themselves. 🌷

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  10. What a good idea 😊

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