Painting Tulips

I am in LOVE with the flower photos and gardens of my sweet, blogging friend, Ali at The Mindful Garden!

She grows the most gorgeous flowers in her yard!!  And takes stunning photos of them too!

With her permission, I tried to paint some of her tulips yesterday in watercolor.

Here are my process photos:





Watercolor is a difficult art medium for me.  Perhaps I struggle too hard to make my flowers look “real.”  And yet, I always feel like I learn to “see” my subjects a little clearer when I try to draw or paint them.

I do hope you check out Ali’s blog!  Her gardens are always a delight to my senses!

Cheers! 🙂

26 responses to “Painting Tulips

  1. Beautiful Jill! I have been painting tulips lately too! They are so pretty! Love the splatters you added! I must check out Ali’s blog, thanks!

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  2. Beautifully done Jill.

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    • Thanks Susan, it was a learning process.. 😉 I like how you paint in watercolor, you make it look so easy! I think you are a natural at it… I like collage better. Lol! 😁


      • Thank you Jill. Funny how we think someone else is better then we are. I admire your imagination and creativity especially your collages. Watercolor takes a lot of practice. I wish I could paint looser. 😁💞

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  3. Ali, The Mindful Gardener

    They are soooo beautiful, Jill! You have completely captured the complexity of the colours, with the blue tinge too! I love the ease with which they appear to have been painted.

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  4. Beautiful, Jill!! 🌷💗 💜🌷
    Lovely shapes and colors!!
    Well done my friend!!
    Ali’s garden is magical! 💚

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  5. Love the shading….very pretty!

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  6. hootiebirdsartjournal

    You did a beautiful job Jill! I especially love the multi-color on the left.

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  7. So beautifully Jilly! Tulips are so happy! Love this!

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  8. Lovely tulips Jill, thank you for the link to Ali’s garden.

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  9. Great job, Jill! Even though I’ve been watercoloring for a few years but still feel like I struggle now and again. I love how creative you are with all mediums you use! 😘

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    • Thank you Carol, so kind of you! 💗 It is one of those art mediums that seems to challenge me now and then… 😉 I think I like more abstract than realistic when it comes to watercolor. I so love how you make it look magical! 🎨💕😍

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  10. I like the way they go from tentative to solid. Beautiful colors! (K)

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