Topiary Tales

Topiary tales…

Cloud shapes floating in the sky,


What weird bird am I?

There is no right or wrong answer… Lol!  I look forward to your bird names. 😉

Our grass is finally turning green and the trees are budding, Spring has arrived!  Hoorah!!

Happy weird bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

P. S.  What animals do you see in the clouds?

23 responses to “Topiary Tales

  1. I’m going with Green Tinted Topiary Bird…I see dinosaurs and dogs. Love your art Jill, you brought me big smiles this morning.

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  2. He is an airplane bird coming in for a landing! Happy Spring Jill!

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  3. I too see dogs, Jill, but they could also be the rarely seen woomawoms! As for the bird, well that’s easy. My ‘Birds of the World’ book tells me it’s a lalmalime. They love fresh green shoots, don’t you know. Happy Spring!

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    • Tom, I am sure you are correct, they are definitely, Woomawoms! 🐶 And of course it is a Lalmalime! How silly of me to forget about them… I must have had my head in the clouds! haha! 😁 Happy day to you! 🌿


  4. hootiebirdsartjournal

    He’s Tarzan the bird man and his faithful mutt-monkeys!

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  5. I see dogs. 🐶 😁
    I like Buzzy bird as well.
    Happy Wednesday, Jill! 💚

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  6. I agree with the dogs.
    How about grassy grackle? (K)

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  8. I always see teddy bears in the clouds. 🙂

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