An Artful Exchange

I just love Sharon Mann’s sunny art, don’t you?


I was delighted to receive her postcard art recently in an artful exchange through the mail!


We each created six postcards, 4×6 inch size in any art medium.  (I forgot to take a photo of mine so you will have to look at Sharon’s blog). 😉

Perhaps you remember our other artful exchange?  If not you can find it here:  The Speedball Bird

I enjoy making art in this “postcard” size so I’m sure you will see more of it!

Thank you Sharon for brightening my day with your cheerful art!

Cheers! 🙂


16 responses to “An Artful Exchange

  1. I love your colourfully creative exchanges!

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  2. Hi Jill – we had so much fun, thank you! Can’t wait to get started on our next project. I just emailed you copies of your art cards.

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  3. Such creative fun Jill, I love how different they all are, and I just saw yours too! Such a fun size, I recently read an article about how working small can really improve your artistic skills. These are all so fabulous!

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  4. Oh how I love BOTH of you and your art! So much fun and creativity and beauty!!!

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  5. Hi Jill. I met you because of Sharon. Love your art cards idea. I am a fiber artist. I wonder if you can advise me about paper. What kind of paper accepts stitches without tearing?

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    • Hi Laura, that is an excellent question! 😃 Are you doing hand sewing or machine? I find with hand sewing, it helps to use an awl or needle to poke holes in the paper first where you want to add stitch. If you are machine stitching, it is better if the paper isn’t too thin as it pulls right out. If you use a little thicker paper, like 90 lb or 140 lb hot press watercolor paper, I use Fabriano, it will usually not tear. However, you do need to sew slowly. I hope this helps you. I will do a post on it so you can see the other papers I have experimented on, next Monday. 💗

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  6. Oh what fun!! All are so creative and beautiful.
    😀💚 Love it!

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  7. An excellent idea on both sides! (K)

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