Thick Or Thin?

Paper that is!! 🙂

I promised Laura Kate who is a fiber artist, that I would post about sewing on paper today.  I hope you check out Laura Kate’s AWESOME blog!

I like experimenting with many different art materials as many of you may know!


In January of this year, I shared about sewing on Canson mixed media paper in my art journal.  If you want to revisit that post, you can find it here: In Stitches…

Last year, February 20th, I shared about sewing on Swedish Tracing Paper, you can find more about that here:   Swedish Tracing Paper

I recently created some new experiments using Swedish Tracing paper.  It is difficult to SEE that the sewn image below is a eye… I love looking at the back of a piece too!

Sew, (pardon my pun) what papers are best for sewing?  Thick or thin?

Well, I have discovered that depends if you are hand sewing or using a machine?

If hand sewing, such as this eye-opener on 140 lb hot press watercolor paper, it helped to use an awl to pre-punch my holes.  (A needle would also work if you don’t have an awl).


If machine sewing, be sure to use a sharp needle (paper will dull it rather quickly) and sew at a slow pace.  I used rice paper here:


If the paper is slippery like deli paper, it is better to double it so the stitches won’t rip out.


I often use my sewn paper experiments on my Gelli plate.  I like how the stitches create their own subtle patterns.


I think the best way to learn is EXPERIMENT!!  And record your findings in a journal.

How do you remember YOUR art experiments?  I hope you share them with me.

Cheers! 🙂

26 responses to “Thick Or Thin?

  1. Wow. What brilliant work you do. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

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  2. This is all crazy cool Jill! I’ve never sewn on paper, but I love the way it looks! Endless possibilities…

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  3. All of these pieces are works of art, Jill. you have provided a good variety for Laura Kate. I just recently started following her.

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  4. Very cool, Jill! Lots of great info, thanks for sharing. 💚
    I think it would be fun to add some stitching to hand made cards or book marks. 😀💚 I’m going to have to give it a try.

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  5. Well that is a blast from the past. We sewed on paper in Home Ec in sixth grade. Who knew it could make such creative art. 🙂

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  6. Very very nice and inspiring again Jill!

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  7. you never cease to amaze me, Jill, with your wide range of creativity! I will check out Laura Kate. These are awesome!

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  8. Oh wow! I love seeing art modalities I had no clue about!

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  9. Jill, thank you for responding to my question. And thank you for mentioning my blog. It’s been interesting and exciting to me. ( I have a dull life (smile).

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  10. I have not tried machine sewing on paper, although you know how I love to sew on paper by hand. I do pre-punch the holes on thick paper, usually with a thick sharp needle.
    I like the variety of things you’ve tried. Inspirational! (K)

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