Hello May!

I’m so excited to show you my April squares!


I’d love to hear what squares inspire YOU!

Hello May!  So happy that warmer weather is on the way…

May brings weekends at the lake and reuniting with our lake friends…

Mother’s Day and celebrating with my MIL…

Celebrating 35 years of marriage with my husband… WHOOT!

And redecorating our bedroom and bath! (Our anniversary gift to each other, we have lived in our home for 22 years… wow, time does fly!)

What does May bring for you?

Cheers! 🙂

29 responses to “Hello May!

  1. What great work you do. I love parsnips and carrots, hehe. I have a drawing on my blog (I think, if not I’ll post it.)

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  2. What a fun art project!

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  3. Fun project, Jill and it’s lovely to see your results all together! Daily art challenges such as this are a great way to keep showing up and doing art – I love that beautiful apple you started off with, and the faces! For me, May brings my face challenge I like to call “Face a Day May” …. Here’s hoping I can show up every day like YOU!!!

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  4. These are great!

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  5. Oh I love this! I illustrated my calendar for April for the first time and I loved it as a way to record the month. May I ask, how big are your squares?

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    • Thank you, I like your idea of illustrating your calendar! 🎨💕 I used a square punch that is 1.75 x 1.75 inches. I liked the idea of using a punch so I could use different papers. I also liked the idea that it is portable. I will check out your calendar, I hope you posted it on your blog! 💗

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  6. Hard to pick Jill, they all inspire me ( I do like the carrots). And, happy anniversary to you and your husband. Yahoo!

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  7. I love May, the beginning of summer and full of fun celebrations! Happy anni and enjoy your redecorated bedroom! I love the carrot square, good job, congrats!

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    • Thanks Jenna! 🌸 I love May too! Thank you for your anniversary wishes. I am excited about redorating the bedroom! The carrots were inspired by a cover of Eating Well magazine and Easter. 🥕🐇

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  8. So much happening for you in May! All good too. An early Happy Anniversary to you. Lake time can’t come soon enough. I love your squares project and many inspire. Cheers Jill

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    • Thank you Susan, yes! To lake time! ☀️🌲🌼 Have you started going to your lake? Thank you for your anniversary wishes and I am happy my squares inspire you. 🌻 Cheers!


      • The lake will have to wait for a wee bit longer while my husband works on our houseboat in dry dock. He is forgiven for the delay as he had a lengthy to do list. After this we hope to boat longer-term every year. 💞😉 Enjoy your lake time. Time to relax and heal.

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  9. Happy Anniversary to the both of you, doesn’t time fly? The square that I like the most is the bottom right corner. Happy Spring!!

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    • Hi Margaret, happy Spring to you! 🌷 Thank you for the Anniversary wishes! 💗😊 I like that square too, watercolor then markings with color pencils and collage on top! ✂️🖌📒


  10. I love May, and your squares are so joyful!! I love seeing them all together. 😀
    Squares 2, 10, 19, and 24 are my favorites. 💚🌸🌿
    I’m always inspired by your beautiful work, Jill.
    Happy Anniversary!! 🌷🌼

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  11. Fun! Bottom-right corner, and the carrots 🙂 🙂

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  12. These squares are full of spring. Once again, how can I pick a favorite? but I’m definitely drawn to the faces.
    May is spring cleaning for me, now that I’ve finished my month of poetry. (K)

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