Just Featured…

Sometimes I create drawing challenges for myself to make it more fun…

I created these faces by not filling in all the features with a Micron ink pen:


Next, I copied my original drawing and completed the faces on copy paper.  I created a couple of animals too!


I couldn’t stop at just one sketch, kind of like eating popcorn while watching a movie! Who can eat just one bowl! 😉


Just featured was very entertaining.  I hope you give it a try with your own drawings.


And if you are unhappy with a drawing, you can just cut it out of the picture!

It is a super fun way to develop a character or perhaps tell a story.

Who will you create?


19 responses to “Just Featured…

  1. These characters are all so hilarious, what fun challenge.

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  2. Aww, I liked the bunny you cut out! What fun Jill, all your faces have so much character, even the ones without all their features! You are full of creative surprises! Love this!

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  3. Fun characters, Jill!
    I like setting myself challenges too, and although I don’t do blogging challenges anymore I can still challenge myself. It’s all fun.

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  4. Smiles for my Monday! Thanks Jill. (K)

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  5. What a fun challenge! 😀

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  6. That would have been a cool assignment to give students, where you could read a description of the person and have them draw in the missing features, then compare their results 😀 I did something like this with my Spanish classes only I just gave them a blank circle for the face. 👍

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