Orange Crush

I have been drinking green smoothies each day for about a week to try to increase my energy.

I was at the grocery store on Monday, buying ingredients for my smoothies when I saw this weird bird!


I had an orange crush on him so I had to buy him!  My cat checked him out when I got home…

I placed him in my yard so I could see him outside my kitchen window:


I got to thinking how I could dress him up a bit, perhaps he needs a bit more color?


Or maybe he is more of a red dazzler?


I hope he gives you a smile today like he does me!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday! 

P.S.  If you’d like to learn more about green smoothies, I am really enjoying this book:


Or check out their website:

Cheers! 🙂


28 responses to “Orange Crush

  1. Mr.Orange Crush is a HOOT! Love his dress up in the second photo, very becoming. Nice to see your cat approves. Enjoy your wonderful garden addition, we all need a bit of fun an laughter in our daily lives.
    Cheers to you……

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  2. What a great find, Jill. Weird birds are everyday! I can see she’ll be going through many changes. I hope she likes hats…haha.

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  3. So cute, that bird was made for you!! Have the smoothies increased your energy??

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  4. Gina Stratton

    He is a handsome bird and lucky to have a new mama that makes him look so good 😊

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  5. Wow Jill that bird is perfect for you! And such a good way to “dress him up” lol the possibilities are endless😀

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  6. Your Red Dazzler has indeed given me a smile. Of course you had to have him. He is so you!! HWBW Jill 💙😊👍💞

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  7. What a cutie, Jill!! 😀💚🐦
    Happy Wednesday!

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  8. What a great find!

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  9. That will bring a smile every day! (K)

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  10. I love Mr. Orange Crush. I want to make one for my garden. I’m going to scout out some left over wood and see what I can come up with.

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  11. Marsha Urlacher

    Great find! See you soon at PL!!!

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  12. This weird bird certainly must have been calling your name when you walked by. Such fun!

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  13. Oh my goodness! I’m so jealous! What a great find!! I love this weird bird! hehe… good to know the bird is cat-approved as well! 😉 💕

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