By The Book

I have been taking an online class with Melinda Tidwell, hosted by Carla Sonheim, called, “The Fine Art of Collage.”

It’s not my typical collage making… I prefer a more colorful, whimsical style.  However, I am enjoying the process of creating by the book:


You see, we are using the “actual book!”  I used several paperback books for my above collage.  The inside cover of a book is used as the “backbone.”

I am surprised how interesting book covers can be!  Below is my color wheel of covers.  I am cutting around the titles for the most part which gives interesting shapes:


I found a great secondhand bookstore with paperback books for .50 cents and hardbacks for $1.00!


I am enjoying the hunt for the right book cover colors and titles to add to my stash!  I even found a book on birds… I can see you are surprised! 😉


The class ended today with its last chapter but I am just beginning my exploration!

Next, I will experiment with hardback cloth covers.  They take a bit more strength to remove from the book…

I think we are never too old to learn from books!  Happy creating!

Cheers! 🙂

15 responses to “By The Book

  1. OOOHHH that bird book looks like it has beautiful illustrations of birds! Nice find!

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  2. I look forward to you experimentation, Jill. Here is a fun technique…add color to foil using markers (water friendly kind) spray the foil when done and lay your paper on the foil and rub to absorb the wet marker color. You will be surprised at the blended colors and designs that appear. Have a creative day.

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  3. Always fun to experiment and try new things. 😀🌸

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  4. Never too old! (K)

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  5. Collage is full of endless possibilities as you’ve just demonstrated, anything goes! I can’t wait to see more! Love the bird book!

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  6. Jill bought a used book of birds to use for her artwork. This is my shocked face! ☺ You are rocking this class! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create from your book cover collection.

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