A Knockout Bloomer

The garden centers are bursting with blooms!  This gave me the idea for today’s weird bird and haiku:

Spring garden extras,

Bird from a floral family…


A Knockout Bloomer!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

24 responses to “A Knockout Bloomer

  1. hahaha, what a cutie! I love the flowery eyes and to die for hat!

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  2. hootiebirdsartjournal

    She’s a runway sensation!

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  3. Oh Jill, this one my be my very favorite!! Struttin’ her stuff, she is!!

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  4. Budding amazing. 😉🌷💐🌹 This one is special Jill. They all are. Smiling. HWBW. 🐥💙

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  5. She is fabulous, Jill!! Love that hat! 💚🐦
    Happy Wednesday 😀

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  6. Squirrels offer a lot of scope for hi-jinks. Sadly, their fur is a boring color.

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    • Thanks Laura Kate, yes, squirrels can be quite entertaining! Perhaps I could give them an outfit?! 😉 Thanks for the fun idea! Maybe you will see a weird bird and a weird squirrel next week! 😃 hehehe 🌸🐿🌷

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  7. Hehe!! Adore the happiness exuding from this weird bird!! It’s infectious! 😍

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  8. I think birds and flowers are closely related…(K)

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  9. He’s a KNOCK OUT, what a lot of fun, beautiful piece.🤗💖

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  10. It is so cute! I love your blog and your art style! I would love to nominate your for the Mystery Blogger Award! My article will go up on my site today!

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