Ancient Teachings

I finished another collage using paper back books over the weekend, like the one I posted previously:  By The Book

Except this time, I included these “other materials”:  a postage stamp, text, images from an old book on Botany, image of a man from a hardback book cover on yoga for women, hand stitching, gauze-like material from the binding of a hardback book and some of my own Gelli-plate prints!


I found this mosaic format a fun challenge.  I tried to balance color, texture, line and shape without making it too busy.  I also tried to create a story with a little mystery.

This style is a bit of a stretch for me… but I’m enjoying the process!

I’d love to hear what you think!

Cheers! 🙂

11 responses to “Ancient Teachings

  1. Outstanding! An intriguing composition.

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  2. love it! you are always stretching and reaching new creative heights! so inspiring you are my friend!!

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  3. I like everything about it – the colors, the composition and the textures.

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  4. Love the mosaic format, Jill! Great colors, and textures too.

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    • Thank you Patty Anne! 😍 I left more white space than the teacher did. I am experimenting with ideas as I plan to make some collages for my bedroom that are quite large for me… more on that later! ☺️

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  5. I really like it! Very cool!

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  6. hootiebirdsartjournal

    This would make a nice Fathers Day card!

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