Short And Stout

Today, I have two squabby (short and stout) weird birds…


Who seem to be having a squabble (petty quarrel) under the rhubarb.

My rhubarb plant is going to seed…  But I think it is kind of beautiful!


Did you know that rhubarb is “slang” for quarrel or squabble?  

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S. As I am willing to risk more and put my art out into the world, I am also more at risk for other people to criticize my art.  How do you handle criticism in your art making or life?  I hope you share your wisdom with me!  Thanks!

17 responses to “Short And Stout

  1. I like learning new slang!

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  2. Really? I have always thought rhubarb was such a funny word, now this makes it even funnier! I adore your squabbling birds Jill, they really do look like they are going at it! As for art critics, art is so subjective, everyone has their own interpretation and opinions, create for joy and don’t worry about what others think!

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  3. Haha, I hope the weird birds settle the squabble! The Rhubarb plant is gorgeous!

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    • Thanks Sharon! 🤣😄 Fun to play! 🎨👍 I keep forgetting to pull out the seed heads on the rhubarb. I like making a rhubarb crisp but the plant always seems to grow crazy in size! 😬 Happy Wednesday! 🐦💕

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  4. hootiebirdsartjournal

    Criticism; something that always makes me cry a little until I remember that criticism isn’t always about me personally. Then I try to let it wash away (like a fart in the wind :))

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  5. Criticism: At this point I am open to ideas on how to make better art. But I respond to criticism well only when it is delivered with kindness and love.

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    • Hi Laura Kate, yes, I do believe “kindness and love” are the key words. I also think that remembering there is more than one way to look at things. Sometimes people who criticize seem more interested in being right than being helpful…😉 Happy Wednesday! 🐦🌸💗

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  6. Your rhubarb is so beautiful! I do my best to share what makes me happy and then I try not to worry about it.
    Happy Wednesday, Jill! 💜

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  7. I like both the words and the birds!
    I tend to get more (anonymous) rejections from shows than actual criticism. They always sting. Constructive criticism is difficult to accomplish, and I don’t think many people do it well. You have to have a pretty strong ego not to be affected by it. But people do have different tastes, and I always tell myself that. (K)

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  8. I always see your joy and sometimes sense of humor shining through your artwork, and that is awesome! I would never think of criticizing anyone’s work, unless they asked, and even then I’d point out what I liked first and then maybe what I’d change if I were doing the art.
    I work quite realistically, which some people have strong opinions against, and yes it does sting, but I won’t let them steal my joy. Create what makes you happy! 😘

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    • Thanks Carol, I do try to share my joy in art making! 😊 Thank you for noticing. And I believe we can always share a smile! 👍😄 I like what you said about not letting people steal your joy! 💗 Always a good reminder… and good to remember to share our kindness and joy which you do with me, thanks friend! 😘🎨💕

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