Lupines, Lilies and Licorice

I recently purchased this large painting surface from Dick Blick called, “Ampersand Aquabord.”

If you aren’t familiar with this surface it is made for watercolors, acrylics and mixed media.  It has an absorbent surface and slightly textured that is archival and acid-free.


I purchased the 1-1/2 cradled panel so that I can hang it directly on my wall without paying for additional framing.  It is rather large but I’m wanting to let go and paint!

Onto my subject matter…


These Lupines are growing in my yard.  I took several photos to learn more about their leaves and plant structure.  Aren’t their colors luscious?


My Lilies are not in bloom yet… accept ONE bloom!!  This flower seemed to be saying, “Ha! I want to be part of the picture!”


And last but certainly not least, one needs a little energy snack while they create… my favorite candy is this red licorice!  


I am creating this painting for my bedroom that recently got a “make-over” with new paint, carpet and furniture for my 35th wedding anniversary that I posted about here:  Hello May!

What is your favorite flower and snack?!  Please share!

Happy Creating! 🙂

30 responses to “Lupines, Lilies and Licorice

  1. Oh I CANNOT wait to see your painting!!!! Favorite flower for sentimental purposes is bleeding heart, for smell is lilac, for beauty is peony or poppy. Favorite candy snack… ALL! LOL! But maybe I’ll go with jelly beans – just love em! 🙂

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    • Thanks for the smile about your favorite snack! 😀 I love jelly beans too!! 💗 And dark chocolate…🍫 Nice to hear your favorite flowers – do you have them all growing in your yard? 💕🌸🌿


  2. Great candy choice and lovely flowers. Have fun painting (I know you will), and belated happy anniversary wishes!

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  3. Have fun creating, can wait to see the results and enjoy the red licorice.

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  4. I am looking forward to seeing your new painting hanging in your room.

    My favorite flower is a blue Hydrangea and snack…chips, bbq potato chips.

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    • Hi Deborah, I am excited to have my own artwork in my bedroom. I like this surface because it is very forgivable… 💗 I like your flower choice! Hubby loves BBQ potato chips too! 😊
      Do you have some of your awesome photos hanging on your walls in your home? 🏠💕


  5. Favorite flower: daffodil. Favorite snack: tortilla chips and salsa. Oh okay, and dark chocolate.

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    • Daffodils always remind me of Easter and the promise of hope! 🌈💕 I’m a big chips and salsa fan too… and can’t resist dark chocolate!! 🍫 Thanks for sharing, Laura Kate! 😊


  6. I love Zinnias. Hard to beat good chocolate.

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    • Yes! 👍 I can’t resist chocolate either!! 🍫❤️ Dove’s dark chocolage with almonds makes me happy! 😍 Zinnias are a lovely flower! Do you plant them in your yard?


  7. Beautiful flowers, Jill!
    I can’t wait to see your painting! 💚🌸
    For me, Gerbera Daisies and dark chocolate 😁

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    • Hi Patty Anne, I always enjoy watching my flowers bloom and change each day. 😊 I am amazed how these Lupines change so quickly. 🌸 Gerbera Daisies are awesome flowers!! 🌼 Love them in flower arrangements! And I can’t resist dark chocolate either!! 🍫💕

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  8. hootiebirdsartjournal

    Can’t wait to see your painting Jill! What medium do you plan to use?

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  9. How cool to have a big painting for your room! It will be so pretty! I think my favorite flower is star jasmine, and favorite snack…hmm…probably M&Ms 😀

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    • I love peanut M&M’s!! ☺️ And the scent of Jasmine… 🌸🌼💗 I am excited to have my own artwork hanging in my bedroom. It will be super fun to do! 👍 Thanks for your encouragement!

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  10. 😭 They closed our Dick Blick store, I’m so jealous, lol! Not as much fun ordering online!

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    • Hi Sam, I have always ordered online… feels like a birthday gift when it arrives! 😊 I imagine it would be wonderful (or dangerous) to have a local store!! It would definitely feel like a CANDY store to me! ✨🎨🍭


  11. hehe!! I’m SO excited to see what you make!! And equally thrilled that you also love Twizzlers Nibs! lol 😍

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  12. I can’t wait to see what you create! That sounds like a good surface…I like texture.
    I always go for popcorn…but it’s hard to pick a favorite flower. (K)

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  13. I am a sucker for any flower as you have probably realized, and I’ve not seen Lupines before, so stunning! I have only recently tried painting on bords/boards, it is different…I am anxious to hear your experience with watercolor…I understand the boards have become popular because of what you said, the ease of hanging, and also because they are easier to ship than canvas, for artists that sell their work, and also their durability. I just bought some pastel bords that I’m anxious to try. Happy painting!

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    • Hi Jenna, I have tried the Aquabord before, I like that it is very forgiving and one can remove paint easily. I decided to splurge and try it for myself… Dick Blick was having a good sale. I enjoy seeing all your flower paintings! You are so good at painting them in a variety of art mediums!! Something I’d like to get better at myself. 🌸😊

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