Red, White and Blue

Today is Memorial Day in the United States when we proudly wave our American flag to thank ALL who have served our country so we can live in freedom!

Hoorah for the red, white and blue!!

On a side note, it has been a windy, rainy and cool weekend at the lake.  We have spent much of it indoors; reading, napping and eating! 😉


What have you been doing over the weekend to relax?

Cheers! 🙂

26 responses to “Red, White and Blue

  1. We are getting two new horses today at the farm where my horse lives, so I spent much of yesterday cleaning and preparing the barn and paddocks. Hard work is somehow relaxing, especially outside!

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  2. Looks wonderful. Congrats from Sweden.

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  3. Eating reading and napping isn’t such a bad thing. Some weekends are meant to make one do just that. Relax. 💞😚🎨🥂 It’s not a long weekend here. Back to work for me. 😂

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  4. A relaxing weekend indoors with a little sketching and painting as well. ❤️💙

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  5. Happy Memorial Day 🙂

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  6. Our holiday weekend was last weekend and it was cold. This weekend was much better and we got a lot of gardening done. Still haven’t opened the cottage though.

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  7. Those are awesome photos, Jill! A great tribute to Memorial Day and those who sacrificed for our freedom!

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  8. It’s been raining on and off since Saturday afternoon here so, we’re inside napping, catching up on reading, and watching T.V. Today we’re planning our summer vacation!

    Oh, to answer your question about having any of my photos hanging in my house? Yes, I have two images framed hanging and a couple of my drawings and watercolor paintings up. On my to-do list is having 3 of my bird pen and wash paintings framed and get those hung up.

    Enjoy your naptime! xx

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    • Hi Deborah, sounds like fun to be planning a vacation! 😊 Our vacation is pretty much weekends at the lake! ⛵️🛶⚓️
      I love that you have your own artwork on the walls!! YAY!! ❤️🎨👍

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  9. hootiebirdsartjournal

    It’s raining here too Jill, so indoor activities for us. I’ve been doing some painting 🙂

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  10. beautiful weekend here! book-signing event Saturday, visiting with friends Sunday, boat ride and family over today!

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  11. We went to a Mets game…they won! (K)

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  12. We went to a park concert and picnicked. When the Taps were played at the beginning for our fallen service men and women, you could have heard a pin drop.

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  13. Happy Memorial Day Jill, I hope the weather improved so you could enjoy the lake! We had a weekend of family fun, swimming, boating and grilling, just the way I like it!

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