May’s Square-A-Day Project

It seems amazing that a new month, June has begun…

Time to show you my square-a-day project for May!


I hope you are enjoying this project as much as I am!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S.  What colors appeal to you?  Please share!

19 responses to “May’s Square-A-Day Project

  1. hootiebirdsartjournal

    Hi Jill! Even though I am not a wine drinker, I like the one with the bottles and I also like the one in the left hand corner with the orange and yellow flowers outlined in black. 🙂

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    • Hi Julie, I like how he wine and pizza one turned out too! A good way to remember a day out with friends. 🍕🍷 And I love the color orange!! Such a happy color! 🧡🍊 Thanks for sharing your favs with me! 😍

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  2. A fabulous month of squares…I specially like squares with shades of green, but I do like them all.

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  3. I like May 17,18 and 21 the best. What size are the squares?

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  4. oh what fun!!! I am especially drawn to the bright orange and yellows – maybe because it is sunny and summery today. I love the birds too!!! Especially the first one in second row! 🙂

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  5. Oh I love seeing them all together. Such a beautiful collection. I especially love the leaves, doodles, flowers, and anniversary square. 💚🌸🌿💙😀

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    • Thank you Patty Anne, I like seeing them side-by-side too! ❤️ I always take time to read what I wrote on the back of each one… they are a journal of inspiration and a small diary of my life. 😊🦋

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  6. I like that color wheel (of course!) (K)

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  7. Love your squares. They look like a crazy quilt all side by side like that! My favorites are your birds as always. They make me smile.😊

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  8. Tough to choose! I like so many of them. But I think my favorite is the square with 9 small squares in it.

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    • Hi Barb, that square surprised me! ☺️ I used a copy of an art piece that I thought was too busy but cutting it into smaller squares made it more interesting! 🎨👍


  9. I like the wine bottle square and the black & white zentangle in the middle! Great variety day to day!

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    • Thanks Jenna! 😃 I really like how the wine and pizza one turned out too… and the zentangle was definitely a challenge on a small square! 😉 Thanks for sharing your favs! 🎨👍

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