What’s On Your Plate?

I cleaned off my collage table recently and discovered new weird bird possibilities on this small plate of scraps:


Today’s bird is everything but the kitchen sink… I mean, basin!


I wonder, what’s on your plate of creativity today?!  Please share!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

31 responses to “What’s On Your Plate?

  1. That’s a very handsome bird! For me it’s 11.22pm and I’m not feeling in the least creative.. off to bed soon for this kiwi girl!

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  2. That eyeball! Definitely weird.

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  3. He is quite dapper! Talk about making something out of nothing!!

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  4. hootiebirdsartjournal

    Hi Jill! I was wondering, do you sketch your birds first and then collage, or do you put down the collage first?

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    • Hi Julie, I just start laying down the collage papers until I find something I like and then I glue it with a glue stick to my paper. I think it has helped me to study REAL birds in books and online. And drawing & painting real birds has helped me make these imaginary ones. I usually do best when I don’t have much time to fuss over them! 😉 Happy Wednesday to you! 😍

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  5. What a proud looking birdie! I’m helping out at the school carnival today. I’ll be serving up the popcorn!

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  6. Why not have a basin for a hat? Lol. HWBW Jill. 💙😊👍

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  7. Awesome!!💙🐦
    I’m always inspired by your creativity and talent my friend.
    Happy Wednesday! 😀💚

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  8. Glenmar Fullmer

    Hi Jill. Much thanks for bringing
    me home yesterday. LOVED seeing all of you. Look up on Amazon: Birds With Words by Charles Harper. I think you could be very successful with something similar. I’d buy it to have the complete collection. I’d buy ‘em for Christmas gifts too. Love you Jill😘

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  9. I love this! You inspire me to break out my collage supplies!

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  10. Joseph F Urlacher

    Todays jumble was about owlmans costume. You could make superhero birds look great and give them super powers like beauty and grace rays??

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  11. ADORBS!!!!!! ❤

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  12. Lol, for me it was going to thrift stores to find plates to break for mosaics😋

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  13. Well now I want to collage a paper plate! That bird looks quite distinguished too. (K)

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