Pretty In Pink

I enjoy going to different garden stores and seeing what unusual flowers they have for sale like this pretty in pink peony:


Last week, I splurged and took home a little something for me! 😉

I adored this pretty in pink petunias and verbena hanging flower basket:


It adds a lovely pink color to my backyard perennials, don’t you think?


I love all color… Lately, I am in love with all flowers in pink!

What color of flower attracts you in a garden?  I hope you share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

21 responses to “Pretty In Pink

  1. Very colourful Jill! Talking colour, I really enjoyed a post yesterday from Susan Rushton taken at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. I particularly loved the black and red hydrangea and the variegated dogwood – those are my most recent favs! At:

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    • Hi Liz! Thank you so much for sharing the link to Susan’s post!! 🌈🌼 What a delight to see all her beautiful photos of plants! I have never seen so many of those different plant varieties… the black and red Hydrangea was amazing. I think the succulent mandala was gorgeous too! 💚

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  2. You had me at pink! That basket!!!!

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  3. Awesome and I love Petunias.

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  4. All so pretty, get out your paint brush!

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  5. Pink of course. But this time of year I enjoy the look and scent of mock orange which are white. 😉😊🌷💐

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  6. Oh so pretty!! I love those gorgeous pinks! 💗🌸💗

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  7. Wonderful colors. Flowers always make me smile! (K)

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  8. Your basket is so lush and beautiful!

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