A Friendly Collaboration

Sharon Mann at Make Art Magic Happens and I recently shared a friendly collaboration with art cards.

It was fabulous fun! We each started artwork on six cards (4″x6″ in size) and mailed them to the other person so they could complete and mail back!

We thought you’d enjoy seeing our results…

These are the cards I started and how Sharon completed them for me:

And below are the cards Sharon started and I completed them for her:

(Sorry some of the completed ones are not in the right order)

I loved the surprise of receiving the cards Sharon completed for me in the mail and seeing her wonderful art added to my beginnings!

I also enjoyed the challenge of finishing Sharon’s cards… they helped me to think outside the “square”!

Have you ever shared a friendly collaboration? Perhaps an art project or writing a story or a poem? I’d love to hear what you did!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S. Thanks Sharon for your wonderfully creative cards and artful exchange! Xo

17 responses to “A Friendly Collaboration

  1. Very fun and both of your styles shine through yet work incredibly well complimenting each other! Super creative Jill and Sharon!

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  2. These are AWESOME! I love both of you and your artwork so particularly fun to see this collaboration. You two are meant to collaborate!!! 🙂 Someday – we need to all three get together! So far apart, but so close in HeART! ❤

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  3. Hi Jill – I’m so happy to see all of our cards together. Thanks again for the fun and creativity!

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  4. It’s a great collaboration! Nina and I have of course done things together (I hope she comes back soon) and I’ve also collaborated with Claudia McGill (as has Sharon). it’s a good way to work. (K)

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  5. Oh this is wonderful!! You are both so creative. Love seeing all of them together. 💙😀

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  6. What a fun project! I can feel the excitement and see the careful consideration you both had in finishing one another’s cards. Awesome collaboration!

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  7. Fascinating demonstration Jill, seeing this collaboration and how you both have so much to offer this world, and what a beautiful result when you work together.

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  8. Such an inspiring and creative project!

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