Printing Imperfections

I haven’t printed with my Gelli-plate in awhile so I decided to take out my 5×7 inch plate the other day.

I wanted to experiment combining colored inks with fluid acrylics. I also added an acrylic glazing liquid.

I recorded my colors in my art journal with a pencil drawing of my paint and ink containers:

I started by printing some Ginko leaves. I normally add the paints directly to the Gelli-plate and mix them with my brayer but it wasn’t working so well with the inks so I started using a paper plate to mix them.

When the brand name logo of the paper plate started showing up on my leaf prints as you can see in the photo above, I decided to use a plastic paint palette.

The paint palette had left over acrylic paint on it but I discovered the uneven surface gave an amazing print:

It is always fun when printing imperfections lead to wonderful new ideas!

I took a 3/4 inch square punch of each of my prints and glued them in my art journal:

Now I have an idea for my October Square-A-Day project! I can’t wait to show you.

Cheers! 🙂

16 responses to “Printing Imperfections

  1. I love when I have studio time like that! Where I start one place and end up another!

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  2. Now that’s a beautiful grid! (K)

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  3. They look wonderful together in your journal.

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  4. The journal page is especially beautiful. The white frame around each print seems to create order and cohesion.

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  5. I have no idea how to gelli plate but you always seem to have so much fun! I especially like the page you created with your cut out squares, so many textures and colors!

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  6. nice one Jill. I like the imperfections. I sometimes fill in the gaps with gelatos or colored pencils.

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  7. This is beautiful, Jill! I love all of the texture and colors. A wonderful journal page. 💙💚💗👍

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    • Hi Patty, I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed creating this grid. I found it meditative to arrange and glue in my journal and I didn’t measure so I was especially pleased with my end results! 😍💕🎨

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  8. This is awesome, Jill! Those squares are beautiful!! Love them! 😍

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