A FUNgus Weird Bird?

I have been drawing mushrooms and creating them as imaginary characters…

The mushrooms are based on REAL images… But I changed some of the names!

Yesterday, I mixed up my bird shapes from a previous post: A Trendy Bird? with a copy of my mushroom character parts:

I arranged the parts to create a weird bird. This one made me laugh!

So I created my finished bird with a mixture of drawing and gelli-prints:

The “morel” of the story is…

Som(e) brero mushrooms can make a FUNgus weird bird!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

27 responses to “A FUNgus Weird Bird?

  1. I think I had Mr Morel for chemistry in high school… (k)

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  2. 🤣 oh Jill, your s’rooms are so CUTE and so FUNNY! My favorites are Rosy, Father and son, and the Sombrero, but they are all so hilarious! And yes they do combine with your bird shapes for a very weird bird indeed!! Wonderful fun, beyond creative!!

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  3. hootiebirdsartjournal

    It looks like Som (e) brero is wearing a shower cap. 🙂 Love it!

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  4. Hilarious 😁 FUNgi FUNgus FUNtastic 💙🎨 HWBW Jill 🐥🐦

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  5. LOL! These are fabulous and your Fungus Bird is so funny!

    #1 Grandson is home sick (day 2) of something awful upsetting his stomach. I’m going to call him later and share your weird bird and the Fungus characters. He’s sure to like them and learn about mushroom types!
    What a great way to teach kids about mushrooms!! You’re so creative.

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    • Hi Deborah, sorry to hear that #1 grandson is home sick today. Tell him to “draw” that nasty bug that is making his stomach hurt! It might help him feel better. ❤️
      I had fun with these – so glad you like them! 🍄🐦💕

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  6. Wow, the difference between the last two pictures is amazing! So talented!

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  7. How comical is this, Jill…? Most fun! 😁🍄

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  8. Awesome, Jill!! Love your characters! 💗🍄 😁 They are so much fun. Love your FUNgus bird too. 🐦The background you created for him is amazing!!😍❤️

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  9. These are great. Love your mushroom characters.

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  10. Your mushroom characters culminating in a weird bird just made my day! Love this SO much! ❤️

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