A Sentimental Season

Do you still mail holiday cards to friends and family?

I do!

But I must confess, I struggle with throwing out the ones I receive…

The cards are so beautiful and I enjoy the family photos…

It is a sentimental season for me. How about you?

What do you do with all the cards and photos at the end of the season?

I look forward to your creative ideas!

Happy Holidays! 🙂

33 responses to “A Sentimental Season

  1. Same here, Jill. I look forward to any suggestions your readers might have!!

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  2. Some I save…some are good for collage, or to use as a base for collage. I’ve thought also of painting over them, but I haven’t tried it. (K)

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  3. I love to get and send Christmas cards, it’s so nice to know you are being thought of! I tape them up in the kitchen so we can all enjoy them every day. I keep some of the ones with photos of friends and children but usually toss the rest in January…

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  4. We cut out the best bits to make cards for next year.

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  5. Sometimes I cut out parts of the card to use as gift tags.

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  6. I used to cut out the best bits and make them into next year’s To’s and From’s.

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    • Very creative, Susan! 😍 I like this idea. 🎄👍 My church repurposes the front of the cards for a gift exchange for the families we support at Christmas time. I thought about donating some of my cards to them but they have way too many! ❤️

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  7. Hi Jill! I have kept them for years. I have made a journal with them. Just stack them into signatures and sew them in a journal. Some of the older birthday cards I have made into junk journals.

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  8. a bit stach of cards that were my grandmothers are still waiting for a creative moment.

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    • Hi Beverly, some cards are truly treasures that I don’t want to part with either! Perhaps creating a scrapbook or journal in your grandmother’s memory? I have kept a lot of cards my mom gave to me. ❤️


  9. I do have some which my school friends given me on my birthday in the school times. I’m sure you’re so creative that you might come up with some interesting collage may be!

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  10. I save very special ones! ❤

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  11. I love sending and receiving cards and pictures at the holidays. I usually save a few of them. 😊💚

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  12. I save a few of the special ones and just keep the backs of the others which act as a list for writing next years cards. At the moment I’m looking for new ways to display this year’s!

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  13. Just sent my cards out this week– a bit late but better than never! As for repurposing–my friend cut the covers of the cards into triangles and made a festive pendant garland! I usually keep mine for a few years. In the past have cut off the covers of really old ones to send out again as Chrostmas postcards!

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