A Beetle Doodle

I have been sorting through closets and cupboards in my home this past weekend.

It feels good to get things better organized. I have discovered that I have too many hobbies however… and I need to get rid of a few as they are cluttering my mind.

Any suggestions? How do YOU get rid of art supplies you are no longer using?

In the evenings, I have been working on a beetle doodle:

I am using gold pen in addition to black ink. I noticed that REAL beetles tend to have an iridescent shine.

I cannot remember ever working on a symmetrical pattern. It is a bit more challenging. πŸ˜‰

What did YOU do this past weekend? I hope you share it with me.

Cheers! πŸ™‚

P.S. I will show you my finished beetle doodle when it is complete!

24 responses to “A Beetle Doodle

  1. I am loving your zentangle style beetle Jill, and the gold is a great addition! I would donate your unwanted art supplies, I’m sure there are many that would love to have them! I actually cleaned out my studio this weekend, such a great feeling, I had stacks of magazines that were OLD and scrapbooks of ideas from before there was Pinterest!

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    • Hi Jenna, it does feel good to get things cleaned and organized! I still have a ways to go but I’m getting there! πŸ‘ I think your idea of donating my extra supplies is a great idea. 😍 I keep a lot of old craft magazines too… I have been looking at them when I exercise on my incumbent bike! πŸ˜ƒ Some day I will be donating them too!

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  2. I think all artists struggle with this Jill. It’s a beautiful thing to always want to try new things! Then you find out you don’t really care for pastels, they are messy, and you bought the deluxe kit!

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  3. I love your beetle doodle, Jill, and can’t laughing when I try to repeat “beetle doodle” over and over. I wouldn’t worry too much about symmetry–even in nature, symmetry is not perfect in my experience.

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  4. hootiebirdsartjournal

    Usually if I haven’t used something for two years, it goes to the Goodwill. Doesn’t that “BUG” you? πŸ˜‰

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    • Lol! πŸ˜„ Good work, Julie that you have a system. I keep thinking I may get interested in something again…πŸ˜‰ I need to decide what is most important! If I haven’t used it in 20 years it is unlikely I will be using it! ☺️


  5. There are web sites where you can sell some things but it might be easier to just give them to a school or Salvationarmy.

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  6. Lovely beetle. This weekend I shoveled snow, stayed warm and spent time at my easel. I am sure schools, daycares, senior centres or even a mental health centre would use and appreciate your gently used arts and crafts supplies.

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  7. Your beetle is very nice. You could donate your excess supplies to a local elementary school art teacher. Our public library has a crafty corner. I am considering donating some of my materials to it.

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  8. Love your beetle, Jill! 🧑😊
    I need to clean off my art table and do some organizing too. πŸ‘

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  9. How great is your beetle!! Will look forward to seeing the completed drawing. For me the weekend started with housework then finished with more work on my stone painting

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  10. I think your beetle is off to a great start! I too have been organizing lately. I belong to a local Facebook group that swaps things that we no longer need, no buying or selling, just giving, it has been awesome and a great way to pass on things that I probably won’t use, but someone else will!

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    • Hi Tiffany! I think several of us have the organizing β€œbug” lately! πŸ˜ƒ Your local Facebook group sounds like an excellent way to share art supplies! I am going to check into our local art school to see if they could use some of my supplies. πŸŽ¨πŸ‘


  11. He’s beautiful. I’m just getting to some of my emails now. It’s so hard to keep up some days even with being retired.

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