A Carnival Ride

My mark making has the feel of being on a carnival ride…

I started this doodle over a month ago and just finished it Saturday:

I used Micron pens and a new set of Uni-ball fineliner drawing pens.

Perhaps it influenced this one in my sketchbook with Copic Markers and Micron pens:

And the bright colors of watercolor, Neocolor crayons and Copic Markers in this one, definitely make me feel like having some cotton candy! Lol!

Sometimes life can feel a little like a carnival ride with its unexpected twists and turns.

I find creating marks and patterns quiets my mind and helps me tune out life’s stressful times.

Peace be with you! šŸ™‚


16 responses to “A Carnival Ride

  1. These are uncertain times. Good to have something to quiet the mind. I’ve never done much pen doodling, I should give it a go.

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  2. Your doodle is amazing Jill, I love how you used different size nibs, I get so lazy and just keep going with the one in hand šŸ™‚ Yes, life does feel like a carnival ride right now…

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  3. Marsha M. Urlacher

    Thank you dear Jill

    How are you recovering? Hope you and Tom are well. Have you heard any news about the Jim Low family? Margaret and Tom? Jim and Pam? John and Sue? Others?

    We got back from a lovely month in Hawaii on Thursday. Happy to be home safely and self-quarantined.

    Take Care,


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    • Hi Marsha, glad to hear you had a wonderful trip to Hawaii and are now home safe. ā¤ļø My hip is healing well. Iā€™m getting stronger each day which I am grateful. I think everyone is well as far as I know. šŸ˜Š


  4. They’re lovely, particularly the doodle at the top. šŸ™‚

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  5. Love your doodles, Jill! šŸ’š Playing in my sketchbook takes my mind off things as well.šŸ˜ŠšŸŒø

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  6. What a masterpiece Jill, well worth the time taken. Certainly would have taken your mind far away from what is going on in the world today. Glad to hear that you are recovering well after your hip surgery šŸ¤—

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  7. Such fun drawings!

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