A Moose Goose?

This weird bird flew out of my imagination!

I started with an eyes closed drawing and discovered what looked to me like a moose! So I added a little collage:

A blue Moose Goose is on the loose!

I hope this silly bird gives you a smile today!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! πŸ™‚

13 responses to “A Moose Goose?

  1. Hahaha πŸ˜† this one is super fun, even the title! Yes it’s both Goose Moose!

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  2. Smiles as usual. (K)

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  3. Very fun, Jill! A moose goose seems quite agile in flight!

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  4. It gave me a smile today too Jill! I love weird bird Wednesday!

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  5. Joseph F Urlacher

    love all of your illustrations. definitely multi talented. keep it up.

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  6. Joseph F Urlacher

    Love all of your illustrations. Definitely multi-talented. Keep up, keep on, keep doing your art!!!!

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