A Puzzler

Did you know that January is national puzzle month?

I have completed one 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with Happy Buttons:

And I am working on a second one with Houseplants:

Sometimes my weird birds start out like a puzzle:

I started this trio in watercolor. Then I added a little paper collage:

Next, some details with color pencils:

And finished with pencil shading:

What kind of puzzles do YOU like to work on?

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! πŸ™‚

21 responses to “A Puzzler

  1. I love this one Jill! Great mixed media combo, they are adorable! I love jigsaw puzzles too, but these days I do them on my laptop for convenience {thejigsawpuzzles.com}

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  2. Oh funny…I did not know January is puzzle month. this could count for my birthday present from my Grands. Eleven little boxes of 50 piece puzzles of cats and dogs. You just never know what little people will come up with.

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  3. Cutest ever birds! My current puzzle is WHY I can’t get my horse to walk on!!

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  4. That button puzzle looks very challenging.

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  5. They’re cute! I like the silly look on the red one on the left. 😜

    I like word search puzzles, and light crosswords do those count?

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  6. I love doing puzzles too, especially 1,000 piece ones. But since I have a kitty who would absolutely love to β€œhelp” me, I got a jigsaw puzzle app for my iPad instead. I was thinking of doing a post about puzzles anyway, if I do, is it okay if I include a link to this post? πŸ˜€πŸ±πŸΌ

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  7. Delightful birds! I have never really been a person to enjoy puzzles…but as I am housebound (I slipped outside with dog in my arms and broke a whole bunch of bones and had to have emergency surgery Sunday night) a puzzle might just be the thing to do when I am bored. I think I might look at puzzle apps and see how I manage those! Cheers Jill!

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    • Oh Louise, I am so sorry to hear that you fell and had to have surgery! No fun! 😧 I hope you recover quickly and aren’t in a lot of pain. ❀️ Several people have suggested online jigsaw puzzle apps but I haven’t checked them out yet. Please take good care of you! Sending hugs! πŸ₯°


  8. We always do puzzles at the beach. Maybe this summer? More likely 2022. (K)

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  9. And I thought the button jigsaw would be hard but the plant one even more so πŸ˜ΌπŸ™€

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    • Hi Sally, I found them each challenging but oh, so fun! 😊 I finished the houseplant one tonight. Yippee! πŸ™Œ
      I have one on butterflies to do next that I think will be a greater challenge as the picture is smaller and more complex. πŸ¦‹

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