Weird Birds

This pattern has been showing up a lot in my journal:

I usually fill in the shape with collage paper scraps like this one:

I decided to try making a weird bird with this shape. I colored it with Copic markers and added a few doodles.

Here is the first one:

I had so much fun, I created a second one:

And a third one!

One never knows where the NEXT weird bird idea will come from!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

18 responses to “Weird Birds

  1. I love these birds–each one has a completely different vibe and attitude. It is great to start off my way with a big smile. Thanks.

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  2. You have really good imagination. Very nice.

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  3. the bird eyes are the best part!

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  4. That’s cool! They’re all so cute. Well done, Jill!

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  5. haha, these are all adorable Jill!

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  6. Always putting a smile on my face Jill 🤗

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  7. Such an active imagination you Have Jill! Love your awesome birds!

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  8. A good framework for many things! (K)

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  9. These are fab. You should put them on mugs!

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