A Bibliopole Bird

Today’s weird bird is collaged with old books.

So I thought a fitting title is a Bibliopole bird:

The dictionary definition for Bibliopole (bib-lee-uh-pohl) – a bookseller, especially a dealer in rare or used books.

I enjoy reading during summer…

Have you read any good books lately?

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! πŸ™‚

13 responses to “A Bibliopole Bird

  1. What a cool collage, Jill. You really got into those books to the point that you used what appears to be the textured material that was used to bind the books.

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  2. Adorable. I especially like the frayed edges.

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  3. You have really excelled yourself this time Jill πŸ’—. Must admit after spending many years in the book industry I still cannot bring myself to pull a book apart.

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  4. I love those colors, and the textures too. I’ve barely been reading since the pandemic started. Hopefully that will change. (K)

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  5. Very cute and very creative Jill! Love it!

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  6. Love your bibliopole bird! I am in the middle of The Rose Code by Kate Quinn. It is very good.

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