Off The Grid…

In 2019, I created a “square a day” – a small piece of art each day. This was a fun project that kept me inspired in my art making. I wrote the date and notes on the back of each square.

I have been a little off the grid in the last year dealing with some health issues and feeling uninspired to create.

2022 is a NEW YEAR and time to create some fun! Hooray!

Today’s weird bird was part of my square project for the head and yesterday, I added the body with a grid format…

Here is what I wrote on the back of my square in 2019:

And here is my box of 365 art squares!

I hope my little whimsy will give you a smile today…

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers to a creative year for us all! 🙂

25 responses to “Off The Grid…

  1. A box of squares! I could have fun with that!

    And a great bird, as always. Hope you are feeling better. (K)

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  2. Your box of squares is cool. It reminds me of a fabric stash.

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  3. So cute Jill, I’m so glad Weird Bird Wednesday is back!

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  4. Cute and great idea on the box.

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  5. Glad you are back to creating!

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  6. So adorable Jill!! Love the eye experimentation!! Again – thank you for the inspiration!! Cheers to a healthy 2022!!

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  7. Marsha Urlacher

    Wonderful, Jill! Love your idea for eyes.

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  8. What a great project! I really like the colours and textures you’ve used. 😀

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  9. You’ve been missed! I like your square bird.

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  10. It’s great to see you again Jill! I agree that the squares look like a fabric stash! You could make a mural out of them 😀

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  11. Looks like I am not the only one who has missed you Jill. I think in particular this past 12 months has been hard for a lot of us to get inspired. I kept taking photos on my walks thinking I will paint this but it has taken me until this year to finally. You have done well to create 365 squares so perhaps you weren’t so uninspired after all. DETERMINATION is the word. Well done 🥰 I hope you are starting to feel a bit better, has it been your hip that is the issue. Although I am managing pretty well mine still gives me an issue from time to time and now it is the left side which may need attention, but I am definitely doing everything to try and make that NOT happen. Sending you a big hug and hopes for 2022 to be magical 🥰

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    • Hi Sally, thank you for you kind note. I actually completed the square project in 2019. I have had digestive issues ever since the hip surgery. I am very careful what I eat now but my body seems to be so sensitive to any changes. I do a lot of walking. I agree, determination is key and where I place my focus. I am trying to focus on my art more! 😃 I hope your other hip is OK. Thank you for your support and hug! 😍 xo


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