On The Tip Of Their Bill?

Today’s weird bird has an unusually shaped beak! What would YOU name this bird?

This got me thinking about bird beaks… and how do REAL birds taste their food?

Did you know that birds have a well-developed sense of taste and experience all four of the main tastes that humans do? (Sweet, sour, bitter and salty)

Humans taste with their tongues but birds generally have their taste buds on the roof and floor of their mouth. Many have at least a few taste buds close to the tip of their tongue bill so they can make a quick assessment of a food item as soon as they pick it up.

I learned these interesting facts from this bird book I recently purchased:

I’m hoping this book will help me draw and learn more about REAL birds this year!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 😃

16 responses to “On The Tip Of Their Bill?

  1. That bill looks more like a suction hose. 🤣I love its fancy colors and tail.
    That book looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out myself.

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  2. Thanks for sharing some new information with me! And as always, a great bird. (K)

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  3. Oh that looks like a good book!

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  4. How interesting! I’ve never thought about birds actually tasting things, but of course thats why they are drawn to the sweet in bird feeders…today’s bird is adorable Jill! Have fun with your book~

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  5. I love David Sibley’s work and have this book. I purchased it as a father’s day gift for my husband.
    I would call your bird Picklebeak.

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  6. Interesting. Wonder how they know what a bird taste.
    Topnot fethers are cute

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  7. Oh that’s so interesting. Looks like a great book, Jill. I’ll have to check out. 😊💚

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  8. That’s interesting! Who would have thought birds had a sense of taste?😀

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