A Blustery Day…

We have been having a lot of wind lately…

It inspired me to create this weird bird:

Sometimes a good scribble feels good on a blustery day!

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Rain or shine or wind… I wish you a happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 😃

14 responses to “A Blustery Day…

  1. There are days when I feel like this weird bird looks! 😂

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  2. NC is windy too. Our temperatures may be 80 one day and 35 at night. Personally I like a long cool spring. I can wait for those 95 degree days.

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  3. That looks like our weather too! (K)

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    • Hi Kerfe, we had 60 mile per hour winds on Monday! Thankfully our power did not go out and no trees down in our area but many people did. I much prefer the sunshine and a slight breeze! ☀️


  4. That’s the same weather pattern we’re having too. Your bird would fit right in!

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    • Ha! What is it with all this wind?! Happy Wednesday Deborah! How was Spring break with #1 Grandson? 😃

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      • I’ve noticed it getting windier for years. Just the pattern we’re in now I guess.
        Spring break was great. I thought he’d be bored but, he wasn’t. We finished reading a chapter book I started reading to him last year, we drew, and visited an animal sanctuary. He says he’s coming back for a week this summer! 😍

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  5. Your inner child is peeking out.

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  6. Love your sense of humour Jill! ❤️

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