Made In The Shade

My garage sale was this last weekend…

And I survived! Hooray!

We had 3 lamps for sale and none of them sold so it inspired me to create today’s weird bird:

Yes, it is made in the shade…

Wearing a lamp shade! Haha!

Or perhaps, it is a shady character:

Whatever shade of blue this is…

I hope my silly bird gives you a smile today!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 😃

20 responses to “Made In The Shade

  1. I love the background for bird one. It’s a very creative use of pages from old books.

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  2. He’s the life of the party, a little overserved with a lamp shade on his head 😂

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  3. It did give me a smile! Isn’t it strange what sells and doesn’t? I can never figure it out. (K)

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  4. Love his lampshade! 😊
    Garage sales are a lot of work. Those teacups sound delightful. Happy Wednesday, Jill! 💚

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    • Thanks Patty! ❤️ I think it is my last one… but it was fun talking with the people who bought things. It was a process of letting go for me as so much was my parent’s things. I will always have the memories though. 😍

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  5. Your silly bird did make me smile! I’m so glad you survived the garage sale!

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  6. Hi Jill, well once again you have excelled. Sorry about you being left with the lamp shades but I’m sure if you put them on Marketplace (if they have that on Facebook in the US) someone would want them. We had a BBQ left out for hard rubbish which our neighbour put on Marketplace for him and it sold within a day!

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    • Hi Sally, FB marketplace is an excellent way to sell things, I agree! 😃 It is always interesting to see what people buy. We were very pleased with our sale although it was a LOT of work! 🤪

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  7. Wonderful lamp shade bird. Garage sales are so much work aren’t they? But it feels good to get rid of stuff we have accumulated over time. And you still had energy to create that whimsical bird too! Kudos to you!

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