The Map Of A Feather

I have been Gelli-Plate printing on old travel maps with fluid acrylics.

Today, I am sharing a feather from a weird bird!

I thought you might want to see my creative process for my feather.

First, I cut out 2 shapes from a Gelli-printed map and glued them into my journal. (I’m using an old map of Seattle, Washington)

Next, I used tracing paper to create a pattern and draw the shape of my feather:

I cut out the individual pieces of tracing paper and used other Gelli-printed papers to make my feather shape.

I positioned the pieces in my journal before I glued them to my paper.

I wonder what kind of weird bird has this feather, any guesses?

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!


14 responses to “The Map Of A Feather

  1. You’ve caught the floating perfectly. (K)

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  2. Very creative…I like!

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  3. It must be from something like a roadrunner, Jill… they must need the use of a map from time to time! 😊

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  4. Love it! The colors feel so warm and cozy!

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  5. Very creative Jill. Love the colours, could be one of our parrots feather, they can be quite colourful 🦜

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  6. Beautiful combination of color and shapes. Love it, Jill! ❤️😍

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