Bird Watchers

I discovered two weird bird watchers when I was watching birds at the lake last weekend…

One was high on a branch with his binoculars close by:

The other was well hidden and appeared to be wearing a disguise!

At least he had his camera ready!

I saw several “normal” birds too! All in one day…

2 Rufous Hummingbirds

4 Blue Jays

4 geese and their fuzzy goslings

1 Cooper’s Hawk

It was a successful bird watching day, I’d say!

Happy Weird Bird Watching Wednesday!

Cheers! 😃

P.S. I’d love to hear what birds you see today!

14 responses to “Bird Watchers

  1. Now that’s funny.

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  2. We have a lot of warblers that come here to breed. They are such quick moving small birds and now that the leaf canopy is full I hear them more than I see them.

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  3. Today in the backyard: robins, hummingbirds, catbirds, house sparrow and an unidentified hawk hoping to make a meal out of the others.

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  4. And a happy weird bird watching Wednesday to you too! It’s an ambiguous phrase, but any interpretation works for me!

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  5. Those are fun! I don’t think the top one is a good spotter though. 🤣

    I’ve seen house sparrows today and heard the quail but, didn’t see them.

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  6. So cute Jill! I love watching birds, they can do some crazy things!

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