What’s Blooming?

Today’s weird bird is taking time to enjoy Spring’s blossoms:

We have had an unusually cold Spring so we are behind schedule…

Our crabapple tree is just starting to display its glorious bright pink blooms:

And the lilac is filling the air with its heavenly scent:

What’s blooming where you live?

I hope you take time to smell the flowers!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers to Spring! 🌸

18 responses to “What’s Blooming?

  1. I love lilacs! I can see a lilac tree in a yard one street over from my window. All the fruit trees finished several weeks ago though. (K)

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  2. LOL..That is one blooming bird.

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  3. Our lilac was prolific this year!!

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  4. Oh how sweet, I love this Wednesday bird!! This would make such a cute card!

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  5. How darling she is!! Your bushes look gorgeous. Rabbitbush is blooming, and some of the fruit trees in the neighborhood have finished their bloom. My daylilies are growing nice tall green leaves and soon I should be seeing buds. I haven’t noticed much else around here blooming yet.

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  6. So cute! The main thing blooming at my house now is the star jasmine. It blooms pretty much the entire month of May and it smells divine!

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  7. Delightfully whimsical spring flower bird, Jill, and I enjoyed the thriving crab apple and lilac photos too.

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  8. Hi Jill, Love your sweet bird.
    I have beautiful azaleas blooming right now, purple and pink. 🌸

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