A Little Shimmer

I recently painted this Hummingbird in watercolor then added black ink with a thin brush and white gel pen:

I used this cardboard Hummingbird (I made several years ago) for my model:

I started with a quick sketch:

And then applied my regular watercolors before I added a little shimmer with iridescent watercolors:

This is the iridescent watercolor brand I used:

It really added a nice shimmer don’t you think?

I love holiday ornaments that give a little sparkle and shimmer to the tree!

How about you? What kind of ornaments adorn your tree?

Happy Wednesday!

Cheers! 😃

14 responses to “A Little Shimmer

  1. Nice. The inking really pulls it together.

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  2. Hi Jill, what a beautiful creation, the pens really made a difference, I have some paint like yours but I think it is a different brand, it works quite well though for added dimensions. We have downsized to a smaller Christmas tree due to lack of space for a big tree. I alternate each year, last years was silver and white, this year is my collection of decorations collected from overseas trips plus a few gifted and my annual allowance of one new decoration.
    Have a wonderful festive season with your family and friends

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  3. Hi Sally, I enjoyed hearing about your Christmas tree ornaments. How fun to gift yourself a new decoration each year! 🎄
    Our one main tree is a mixture of ornaments we collected over the years – lots of variety! The other one is a mini tree with cat ornaments and a couple of birds. Lol!
    I hope your holidays are wonderful as well!

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  4. I love this one Jill! The black outline and white gel pen details are fabulous! The way you captured the flapping hummingbird wings is brilliant!

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  5. Missed your posts..been a bit busy illustrating too. Lovely piece. Love the ink.

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