A Snowy Owl

It has been snowing a lot in the Pacific Northwest where I live…

And look who showed up today! All dressed in holiday attire:

This weird snowy owl knows how to keep warm!

I went for a walk all bundled up at Priest Lake, Idaho last weekend:

Lucky for me it was only 23 degrees and not the 7 degrees that is predicted for tomorrow!

I do think the snow is beautiful, especially at the lake.

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday and a Merry Christmas!


18 responses to “A Snowy Owl

  1. Beautiful snow! How lucky to be out walking and taking it all in. Merry Christmas Jill!

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  2. It looks beautiful!! Stay warm!

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  3. You and your snowy owl are both so cute bundled up!!

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  4. I too love the snow but here in the South it is hard to deal with. We just aren’t ready for it.

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    • I imagine it would be difficult to deal with if you weren’t used to it… I don’t particularly like driving in it. But I don’t mind taking a walk in the snow especially at the lake. ❄️ Merry Christmas to you!

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  5. How cute! Both you and the snowy owl! 🥰

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  6. Merry Christmas to you Jill!

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  7. What a sensible bird, both of you, getting out and about rugged up in the snow, whilst here in Australia we are expecting totally the opposite, they are saying as from Boxing Day up until New Year we can expect 40+c which is a bit too hot even for us.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year

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    • Hi Sally, funny how we are getting such extreme differences in weather! We had a -10 yesterday but tomorrow it is supposed to warm back up to the 30’s. I hope you can stay cool… should I mail you some snow? Lol! ❄️
      Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well! ❤️


  8. I appreciate you are smiling in that weather! Haha Merry Christmas 🤶 ❤

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