Bird On A Wire

Today’s weird bird has EXCELLENT balance!

After all, it is from the Tightrope family…

It is a bird on a wire! And it is ready for Spring!! 🌷

Did you know…

Why don’t birds fall off wires or branches?

When a bird places weight on its feet, the muscles in the leg force the tendons of the feet to tighten, keeping the foot closed. This gives the bird a vice-like grip around any wire or branch it may be resting on, so the bird doesn’t fall off.

Why do birds all face the same direction on a telephone wire?

In windy conditions, you’ll notice all the birds are facing the same direction – into the wind. That keeps their feathers from getting blown out of place. On windless days, birds will sit any way they like.

How do birds sit on high-voltage power lines without getting electrocuted?

Electricity flows along the paths of least resistance and power lines contain copper wires that encourage steady transmission. Birds can perch on electrical lines because they don’t conduct enough electricity to disrupt the current. The electricity flows through the birds and back to the wires.

I thought this information was interesting and I hope you will too!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 😃

14 responses to “Bird On A Wire

  1. Interesting bird facts, Jill.
    And I love your bird’s birdhouse hat!

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  2. So cute Jill! The electricity runs through the birds???

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  3. Very interesting. And another smile for your bird! (K)

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  4. It even carries a house for little friends! I didn’t know those interesting facts about birds on wires. Thanks for that information!

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  5. LOL for your bird and !!for the information.

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  6. That’s so interesting, Jill! Love your cute bird too. 💚😊

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