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A Painted Bird?

Today is Draw A Bird day so I wanted to draw a bird with LOTS of color!

I discovered this common finch called a “Painted Bunting” whose colors look like he was painted with a child’s set of paints:

2016-1-7 Painted Bunting bird

I did not paint this artful bird, instead I used color pencils and Tombow markers.  I added some collage for fun.  After all, a bird this colorful should be attending a party!

They sing a lovely song too!  Check out this link if you’d like to learn more about them:

Happy Birding!  🙂

P.S.  This month’s Draw a Bird Day is hosted by Kerfe and Nina @MethodtwoMadness  Be sure to check out their birds!  🙂

A Tropical Paradise

Completed gelli deli bird collage

I completed my Gelli Deli Bird Collage from yesterday.  It looks like a tropical paradise to me!

I started my project by gluing random book pages to a canvas board:

Step 1 - paper collage glued to canvas board

Next, I added stencils with acrylic paint and rubber stamps using Royal Purple StazOn ink.

Step 2 - Stencils and rubber stamps

Then I glued torn bits of my own patterned paper:

Step 3 - more paper collage with own paper

I created my own stencils and cut out circles, leaves and birds from my gelli-printed deli paper and glued it down:

Step 4 - added gelli printed deli papers

Repeat with more torn paper – this time I used pages from an old Shorthand book; added a little more acrylic paint and rubber stamps:

Step 5 - add more collage papers, paint and rubber stamps

I added another layer of gelli-printed deli paper and a few more dabs of paint:Step 6 - more gelli deli printed paper and paint

Then to finish my piece, I outlined the deli printed shapes with a black watercolor pencil, wetting it with a brush and smearing it with my finger:Completed gelli deli bird collage

And it’s complete!

I learned some of these techniques by taking an online class with Lynn Whipple, called “The Joy of Collage.”

A Gelli Deli Bird Collage

Bird collage with deli gelli-prints on canvas board

Here is the bird collage I have been working on today!

I used layers and layers of paint, stencils, papers AND gelli-printed deli paper.

I will add the finishing touches to it tomorrow and show you progress shots on how I created it!  🙂

See you Monday!

The Sandman

I learned the techniques for this collage from an online class that I took in 2014 called:  The Joy of Collage with the dazzling Lynn Whipple!  Carla Sonheim hosted the class.

Birds and Flowers - The Sandman Collage

I wanted to change up my bird posts today and show you some other art I enjoy making!