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Letter “F” Is For…

Fabulous food, fun and flamingos!

find Jenna’s blog at The Painted Apron so FUNtastic! 🙂

I completed this still life recently:


And it reminded me of the colors in Jenna’s Fearless Friday, Flaming Flamingo… it does have a fiesta feel don’t you think?

I want to try creating a still life painting with Jenna’s Tablescape, Spring at the Farm.  Perhaps a French hen would be a funky addition!  😉

I also enjoy Jenna’s recipes like this one, A Rainbow Salad… It looks fresh, flavorful and color-filled! 

I hope you will join me in following Jenna’s blog for more fabulous fun!

Cheers! 🙂

Name That Fish!

Perhaps you remember my “put a BEAK on it,” birds?  If not you can find some of them here:  Chicken ‘A La King

Today I have “put a FIN on it,” fish!  I thought you might enjoy naming them:


Both are fun to create with scraps of paper and a little imagination… A fun project to do with children!

Cheers! 🙂

A Fish Walks Into A Bar…

A little fish joke for you today…


Hahaha! I hope this gives you a smile today!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday with a Fish twist!!

Cheers! 🙂

It’s Fry Day!

I thought today would be an eggs-cellent time to share a card I created for a friend:

Chicken card for Tom Low

He was celebrating his 80th birthday!

I wanted to give him a chuckle in case he was in a “fowl” mood…

So this was my answer to the riddle:

Tom Low's bday card - riddle

You see, Tom likes to sit on his porch at the lake and talk to everyone who happens to stop by.  He is one of the nicest people I know!  🙂

We all flocked together to help him celebrate this birthday milestone and sign his card!  And eat cake…

As my friend Laura says at Create Art Everyday, it’s time for YOU to shake your tail feathers!

Have a happy day!  🙂

Chicken ‘A La King

I was thinking about cooking up a chicken dish for dinner so this prompted me to create these silly chickens:

recipe chickens

I hope they are a good recipe to make you smile!  🙂

I started making these silly birds after I took an online class from Carla Sonheim last August.  You glue down a scrap piece of paper and then add a beak to it.  They are kind of addicting to make:

Chickens with scrapbook paper

I used a page from an old book on card playing to create Dapper Dan.  The rest are scraps of scrapbook paper that I tore into funky shapes.  They reminded me a bit of a card game I played as a child so I had to give them names of course.

You could make any animal with them I suppose – not just birds.  I hope you give them a try.  I think they would make you laugh!  And a good belly laugh is the best medicine in my book!

Happy Creating!  🙂

Chicken Little

I am participating in an online creativity class called, The Year of the Spark.

Carla Sonheim gave a warm-up drawing exercise that I find really fun to do so I wanted to share it with you.

You start with an index card and then scribble on it with a black pen.  Next you cut up the card into squares.  You then take one of the squares and glue it to a larger piece of paper, like I did here in my art journal:

Chicken Little start

Next you finish the drawing with a black pen by continuing the lines.

Chicken Little drawing

Chicken Little appeared!  I added a little color to it with watercolor pencils.

Chicken Little finish

And grounded it with my black pen and it’s done!

Now you try it!  Have a great day!

Don’t Let The Fox…

Guard the hen house!

This old proverb was first recorded in Contre-League in 1589.  It means:  Don’t put somebody in a position where they will be tempted of wrong doing.

Here are a few quick sketches of a fox:

Quick fox sketches

And here is my blue hen in watercolor:

Lesson 5 chicken

Fowl Play – Part 2

This post is a continuation of yesterday’s post on the chickens, Wattles and Combs…

Could they be the famous Coach Combs and his Assistant, Wattles – From the ALL-STAR Egg Toss Game?

Sporty Chickens - 4

“Ref, that was a FOUL on my player, Jerry Bird!”

I know!  They must be that FUNNY comedian duo – Wattles and Combs!

Comedian Chickens - 5

Delivering joke on the fly –

Q:  What is the most musical part of a chicken?

A:  The Drumstick!

I hope this chicken humor cracked you up!!!   HAHAHAHA

Fowl Play – Part 1

After my chicken post yesterday, I started thinking about my title – Wattles and Combs…  It sounded somewhat familiar and then it hit me!

Is this Detective Sherlock Combs and his Partner, Dr. Wattles?

Detective chickens - 1

Solving crimes of Poultry I’m sure!

Or are they Wattles and Combs, Bail Bond Lawyers for Jailbirds?

Lawyer Chickens - 2

Helping defendants that have been deemed a high flight risk!

Perhaps they are Chef Combs and Waiter Wattles from the Roost Restaurant?

Cooking Chickens - 3

Come home to the Roost,                                                                                          Friendly smiles give you a boost!                                                                                Where food is served extra hot,                                                                                       But you’ll never find, chicken in a pot!

To be continued….tomorrow!  So stay tuned in for more chicken humor, served with a smile!  🙂

Wattles and Combs

I was drawing a chicken in my sketchbook last night.  It prompted me to google the difference between a Rooster and a Hen.

The obvious difference of course is a Rooster crows and a Hen lays an egg.

But when a chicken is born, how does one tell which one is male and female?

My hen and rooster

Well, it turns out that Roosters have tall, upright and larger combs than hens.  The comb is on top of the chicken’s head.  Also, the wattle which is the lobe that hangs down from the throat of the bird is often very large in a mature rooster compared to the hen.  When a rooster is young, its combs and wattles are redder than a hens.

Just a little chicken trivia for your day!