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It’s A New Day

Remember the art tote bag that I showed you last week?  Well, I figured out how to patch the holes!  I also added color to the bag!  (You all know how much I like color!)


Isn’t it totally wild?!  🙂  I printed it with Golden Fluid acrylic paints on my Gelli plate yesterday.  I covered the holes with circles I cut from deli-printed gelli prints:


I used a stencil to cut out the colored circles and ironed on a fusible web stabilizer to the papers.  I then sewed the papers over the holes on the bag.  It was a bit tricky to sew so my lines aren’t too straight.  I may finish the edges with hand stitching – I haven’t decided yet.

On the other side of my bag, I sewed 3 colored circles:


I like the colors on this side best!  I used stencils and Spirograph circles to make my patterns with my gelli plate.

I think my art tote bag looks so much better now.   I’d love to know what you think!

Happy Creating!  🙂

It’s In The Bag?

I had this super great idea to purchase an art tote bag from Dick Blick and add my own pattern to the bag with Crayola Fabric Crayons.  So I drew my design on a piece of paper and tried to transfer it with an iron…


This is where the problem began – the mesh bag melted from the iron.  As you can see in the close-up photo below.  (Note to self – next time read the fabric content!)


Luckily, I was able to catch it before it melted all the way through to the other side.  So now I’m onto Plan B!  I have some ideas with fabric that don’t involve heat.  And it may end up turning out way better than my first experiment.  I will post it in a couple of days so you can see my results.  🙂

I have also been making tree collages with old magazines.  It is really fun to think outside the bag, I mean box and play with color, patterns and shapes.


I realize these are not your typical Oak or Maple tree growing outside your window but that is the point!  Creating with the imagination can be quite fun and liberating!


And then sometimes, things turn out a bit strange…

So you just have to laugh!  I’m enjoying the journey, how about you?!

Happy Experimenting!  🙂

Sink Or Swim

I started journaling with beads several years ago.  I sew a mini pillow that I use as my canvas:

Fish on pillow

This one is titled, “Sink or Swim.”  It is 4.5 x 4.5 inches in size.

I find beading – especially Free Form Peyote Stitch – to be very meditative for me.

I like to bead with needle and thread and use beads of various sizes and colors.  In a sense, the beads are my paint and my needle and thread are my brush.

Fish upclose

The stone for my fish face is called, Paint Brush Jasper.  I usually start my stitching separately and then sew it to my pillow.  I then add more beads until it takes the shape I want.  The other 3 stones I used (bluish-brown) are Multi-color Kyanite.

I often don’t know what I am going to make when I start one of my art pillows.  Sometimes the colors on the fabric will help me choose my bead colors.

I chose a pillow because it is easy to sew and symbolizes comfort to me.  Here is some details of the top:

fish pillow details at top

I strung beads on a wire and then wrapped the wire around a ribbon and then sewed it to the top edge.  I tried to make it look like water.

I was working through some problems at the office when I created this one.  I was feeling a little like a fish out of water…

I started another mini art pillow about a year ago:

abstract pillow pal with feather

This one is more abstract and is influenced by nature.  I thought by showing it to you, I would be motivated to complete it!  🙂

I used a Resin donut as my base.  I then strung beads on a wire and wrapped the wire around the donut shape.  I am adding beads to the wire ones with peyote stitch.  I also want to include a feather.

I’m hoping that I can some day write a book on my mini art pillows.  And would love to know what you think about them!

Happy Creating!


Here is my Confetti bird, created with scrap paper:

confetti bird

And below is my Confetti quilt that I made in 2009:

quilt wallhanging I did

I had purchase a fancy sewing machine and was starting to take watercolor classes so I combined the two mediums.

Close-up of confetti quilt

Yes, the papers are squares of  a painted watercolor on paper that I cut-up and then sewed to my quilt.  It reminded me of confetti so it became the title for my quilt.  I also added a few beads and sequins for embellishment:

Beadwork on quilt

And I even sewed my name on the back!

Signature on quilt

A blogger friend of mine, creates fabulous experiments on paper that she is going to incorporate into art quilts.  She also draws AMAZING portraits of people.  You may want to check out her blog at Create Art Everyday.  And yes, she does create art every day like me!  🙂

And one more piece of paper  – a Confetti giraffe I created in 2013:

Confetti giraffe better photo

Happy Creating!

Bead Inspired

I finally finished the quilt square of the bird I started back in January:

Quilt of bird completed

And just in time!  I will be submitting it to Quilting Arts Reader Challenge tomorrow.

I created my quilt so I could embellish it with BEADS!  I love beads!

Teal beads

I have LOTS of beads.  And have them organized by color.

Yellow beads

Orange is my favorite color:

Orange beads

I enjoy “painting” with beads!  Here is a close-up of my beadwork on my bird:

Close-up beadwork on bird

And on the top right of the quilt:

Close-up of beadwork top right

May you BEAD inspired to create with beads!!!


The Amazing Squirrel-Bird!

Once upon a time, a cute cuddly squirrel –

Stuffed squirrel

Got way to close to a bird feeder… so the birds tackled him and wrapped him in wire –

stuffed squirrel wrapped in wire

And left the squirrel this way overnight.  In the morning, the birds were surprised to find the squirrel had transformed into an unusual bird –

different view

It still had the shape of the squirrel but it’s coat had changed colors!

And it now had a beautiful orange beak!

Beak close-up shot

As the birds examined this strange looking bird, they noticed the feather at the top of its head –

Feather on head

“Ah-hah!”  Exclaimed the birds in unison, “This is a Dazzler Bird!”

It is a very rare squirrel-bird that lives high up in the trees.

Side view of sculpture

The Dazzler Bird is seen by very few people.  You have been given this exceptional sighting as a symbol of goodwill.  May it give you a smile on your lips and a skip in your step as you go about your day!

The End – or is it just the beginning?

Pen Guan or Penguin?

Yesterday I sewed my mini quilt that I started back in January.  I have not done much sewing in quite awhile and I don’t think I have ever made a traditional quilt as I am not one to follow the “rules.”  So I was very pleased with my results.

First, I cut the fabric into strips and sewed it around my bird:

Sewn bird top for QA Apr 2015 challenge

Next, I added the batting to the middle and cloth to the back to create a quilt sandwich.  I quilted the 3 layers by outlining my bird with black thread and using a squiggly stitch around the bird:

outlined bird and quilted top

I need to finish the edges and embellish it with beads and then I will be ready to submit an image for the Quilting Arts Magazine challenge!

I was thinking about a title for my piece.  The bird looks a little like a Penguin to me.  But since it is imaginary, I was thinking that maybe I need to make up a name for it.

Pen Guan came to mind.  Since I drew it with a pen.  The Guan is an actual bird that resembles a turkey.  You can see what one looks and sounds like here:

It sounds a little like a barking dog to me…

What title do you think I should give my quilt?

Sing A Happy Tune

I created this mini art pillow awhile ago.  I stamped a bird’s head on fabric and then beaded its body and sewed it to the pillow.Bird Song Pillow Pal

A beaded daisy stitch adorns the edges and  I fused the message and music notes to an old ribbon.

I didn’t create this bird today but I wanted to share it with you because it makes me smile and gives me hope that Spring will be coming soon!  Enjoy your day!

Playing with Fabric

One of my goals this year is to submit my artwork to a magazine for publication.  I saw that my Quilting Arts Magazine is having a Reader’s Challenge with a bird theme so I decided I would give it a whirl.

Today I took one of my one-liner birds that I did in the Year of the Spark and scanned it into the computer and then printed it on fabric.  Next, I colored it with Ink Tense Blocks that looks like paint when you activate it with water.

One-Liner Bird and Ink Tense Pencils on Fabric

As you can see I like bright colors!  I then gathered fabrics to place around my image to make a quilt square.  I had fun playing with colors and patterns!

Colored Bird with Fabric Pattern Play

This is the preliminary layout.  I will post it again after I sew it.