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A Doodled Poodle Noodle

I finished the collage I started earlier this week, that you can find more about here, A Recipe for PLAY

Below are my progress photos:

She turned out a bit wild:

So I decided she needed a Limerick to tell her story:

There once was a girl who doodled,

Whose hair was curly like a poodle,

She dyed it pink,

Which made me think…

She may not have been using her noodle!

Happy Friday!

Cheers! 🙂

The Figure In Motion

I was doing some gesture drawings today with soft vine charcoal:

gesture sketch 3

According to Wikipedia, the primary purpose of gesture drawing is to study the human figure in motion.

I did my sketches in 30 seconds or less:

gesture sketch 2

And I used as my reference for my drawings.  This site is great because you can time the pose for 10 seconds or more!

Searching the internet I discovered an awesome YouTube video by Ryan Woodward – the gesture drawings are animated to music.  It is really fun to watch so I hope you google it!

gesture sketch 1

I really enjoyed this exercise!  Do you practice gesture drawing on a regular basis?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Drawing!  🙂