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Lily Of The Valley

A haiku for you…

Lily white as snow,

Adoring leaves surround you –


Making you the show!

Wishing you a Sunny Sunday to enjoy nature’s beauty around you!

Cheers! ūüôā

A Day To Reflect

Some days I just need to slow down and reflect on life…

Yesterday seemed like the perfect day at the lake! ¬†ūüėÉ

A good morning reflection – so thankful to be alive here at the lake!


An evening boat ride on calm waters:


Just breathe!  Love these cotton ball clouds and calm waters.  Thank you God for this beautiful place to unwind and recharge.

Pink clouds… such an amazing view!


Thank you for this day!  Wow!  God!  Your masterpieces are such a work of art in nature!!

Wishing you a day to relax and enjoy what brings you happiness in life!

Cheers! ¬†ūüôā

A Nature Notan

Perhaps you remember the Notan I did previously?  If not you can find it here.  It is a  Japanese form of paper cutting with black and white shapes.

I decided to try another the other night to unwind from my work day…

I enjoyed the paper cutting part but the glueing went a little haywire. ¬†I was using a glue stick and it got super sticky. ¬†Then I accidentally glued the wrong side of a piece of paper so I dabbed it with a Kleenx and it stuck to the paper….

Rather than panic, I decided to add the “tissue look” to the black paper. ¬†And I think it turned out OK. ¬† I think I have a solution for the next one without using a glue stick. ¬†ūüėČ


Hope you enjoy the long weekend if you are living in the States. ¬†I’m heading to the lake!

Cheers! ūüôā

Air Cool And Crisp

We closed up¬†our lake place yesterday.¬† My feelings are bittersweet.¬† I will miss the mountains, the lake, our friends and our weekend “get aways!”¬† Yet I’m looking forward to being home,¬†snuggling¬†with my¬†cat while reading a good book and creating more art!¬† ūüôā


Brilliant blue sky,

Air cool and crisp…

Clouds form –


Pinecones fall,


Leaves change…

And Autumn begins!

Wishing you a Sunny Sunday Friends!¬† ūüôā

A Natural Influence

I have been sketching more with pencil in my art journal.  And then adding a little watercolor for color such as this wildflower, the Purple Pea Vine:

I like learning about the wildflowers native at our lake in Northern Idaho.  My mom was excellent about knowing their names so I was probably influenced by her.

Each July, I remember my mom, who passed away in July 1999 by walking on her favorite nature trail at the lake.  So this last weekend, I painted one of her favorite flowers, the Begonia.  I planted this one in an old bucket at the lake:

My mom always loved watermelon on the 4th of July so I had to paint a slice!

This watermelon stepping stone I made in her memory several years ago:

It was very relaxing to paint¬†this last weekend at the lake.¬† I’m starting to like my paintings more and I can see some improvement.¬† ūüôā

Do you do something special each year to remember a loved one?  I would love to hear about it if you want to share it with me.

Happy Painting!¬† ūüôā

Loose Landscapes

Letter “L” is for loose landscapes at the lake!

As a warm-up exercise for my online class, Y is for Yellow with Carla Sonheim; I did some quick sketches on leftover watercolor paper scraps with a gray and black Neocolor crayon:

I painted several pieces of¬† watercolor paper with¬†house paint samples that I had leftover from Lynn Whipple’s Big Bold Flower Painting class.¬† Once dry, I used Dick Blick’s Economy “Blickrylic” acrylic paints to paint landscapes based loosely on my sketches:


imageIt was lots of fun!¬† ūüôā¬†¬†This assignment inspired me to paint¬†landscapes in colors I would not normally use such as these colors:

As you can see, I have them ready to put in my old “ledger” that I showed you in my post yesterday.

Now, I want to try large and loose landscapes on canvas!

I encourage you try painting loosely and boldly today!  It may give you a new perspective on life!

Happy Painting!¬† ūüôā

Precious Puddles

It FINALLY rained¬†this weekend!¬† In case you haven’t heard on the news, the Pacific Northwest is raging in wildfires!

We are hoping the rain¬†today and¬†(hopefully) during the week and the cooler weather – will help¬†ease the work of¬†firefighters¬†in our area and stop the destruction.¬† The smoke has been so bad, it has been difficult to breathe¬†the air or see the mountains!¬† So today I took¬†these photos after the rain at the lake¬†to share with you….

Grab you raincoat and your boots and let’s jump in some puddles!

puddle in road

A daisy for your thoughts:

daisy under fence post

A fall leaf floating in a puddle:

gold leaf in puddle

Burnt tree bark from area fires on the beach:

burnt bark on beach

Storm clouds over the lake:

rain clouds over the lake

We continue to pray for rain!

Thanks for taking a walk with me and splashing in some puddles!

Happy Monday!¬† ūüôā

Welcome To The Beach!

I thought you might enjoy these photos I took at the lake this weekend.

Put¬†your sandals and let’s go to the beach!¬† ūüôā

A view from a pine tree.  Take a deep breath and smell that fresh pine scent:

pinecone view to beach 7-10

Look some rocks left over from a child’s sand castle:

rocks on beach 7-10

Dig your toes into the wet sand!  Awww!  Now, have a seat and enjoy the view:

Sandy feet 7-10

Oh, look!  There is a Spotted Sandpiper on the shore:

bird on beach 7-10

Looks like it’s time for a bird bath!¬† ūüôā

bird shaking tail feather in water 7-10

One last photo – a reflection of the clouds in the water:

lake reflection 7-10

Glad you could come along for a visit!

Enjoy your day!¬† ūüôā