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Abstract Landscapes In Watercolor

Do you remember the loose landscapes I recently did in acrylics?  Well, I decided to try them in watercolor.

However, I wanted to give myself some new criteria to challenge my brain!  🙂

I decided to first create imaginary abstract landscapes with torn magazines and then paint them in watercolor.  I thought it would also be good practice in mixing similar colors with paint.  And to add another challenge, I decided to try adding texture to my watercolors with some of these items:


Here are my results, can you find the bubble wrap in the one below?


I like the simplicity of this one:


I realized afterwards that I needed less water and more paint to get closer to my color values.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that watercolor dries lighter!


I used several different textures in the above piece.  An egg carton to dip into the greenish-blue paint which made a great stamp!  An old dish rag for the purple mountain shape and the textured paper to create the bumps in the light green shape.

I think I like my last one best:


I used toilet paper to blot the green mountain shape.  Table salt on the black.  And the end of my paint brush to create lines in the purple shape.

I really enjoyed this exercise I created for myself!  Starting with collage first helped me to create shapes, colors and patterns that I would not have done on my own.

Here is a photo of a landscape at the lake.  I encourage you to give it a try!


Wishing you a sunny Sunday!  🙂

Loose Landscapes

Letter “L” is for loose landscapes at the lake!

As a warm-up exercise for my online class, Y is for Yellow with Carla Sonheim; I did some quick sketches on leftover watercolor paper scraps with a gray and black Neocolor crayon:

I painted several pieces of  watercolor paper with house paint samples that I had leftover from Lynn Whipple’s Big Bold Flower Painting class.  Once dry, I used Dick Blick’s Economy “Blickrylic” acrylic paints to paint landscapes based loosely on my sketches:


imageIt was lots of fun!  🙂  This assignment inspired me to paint landscapes in colors I would not normally use such as these colors:

As you can see, I have them ready to put in my old “ledger” that I showed you in my post yesterday.

Now, I want to try large and loose landscapes on canvas!

I encourage you try painting loosely and boldly today!  It may give you a new perspective on life!

Happy Painting!  🙂