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Shoebill’s Cousin

There is actually a bird – a stork, called the Shoebill.  It is named a Shoebill because its beak looks like a shoe, I kid you not!  I hope you look it up!  It is also known as a Whalehead… 😮  I will save that image for another day.

I created Shoebill’s cousin for today’s Weird Bird Wednesday, this is the Bootbill bird:


It is also known as the Shoemaker bird because the definition for boot was already used!  😉

It reminds me of some of my earlier bird creations wearing hats and shoes – you can find one of them here.

I hope you don’t give my weird bird the boot!! Lol!

Cheers!  🙂

When Life Gives You Rain…

Merry Bird’s Adventure continues…

Merry Bird woke to a gentle rain.  She jumped down from the tree branch she had been resting on and grabbed her umbrella.

Merry with umbrella

As she started on her journey, the rain began to pour from the clouds like water from a faucet.  She did not want to get her pretty boots muddy from the gritty dirt so she took refuge under the leaves of a large oak tree.

Merry saw the Australian Puddle-Jumper, (PJ for short) jumping over a puddle as he approached her about 10 feet away.


“Tweet tweet,” said Merry to PJ.  “Tweeeeeet Merry!”  Replied PJ in the middle of a hop.  “I just love the rain, don’t you, Merry?”

“Well, not really,” said Merry.  “I like to keep my tail feathers dry.”

“Oh, that is unfortunate!” said PJ.  “I love the rain because it creates puddles and I like leaping over them!  Why don’t you give it a try, Merry?”

“I really don’t know how,” said Merry, feeling apprehensive.  “I don’t have long legs like you.”

“You don’t need long legs!”  Replied PJ with a grin.  “All you need is the desire to have fun.”

“Hmmm,” said Merry, still not convinced.  “What if I land in the puddle?  I don’t want to ruin my boots!”

“Then you just flap your wings, dry your boots and try again!”  Said PJ.  “I believe when life gives you a rainy day, Merry – you play in the puddles!”

“Alright, I will give it a try,” said Merry as she jumped over a small puddle about the size of a watermelon.  PJ danced a joyful jig.  “Yay!  Merry – You did it!”  Said PJ.

Merry replied, “Yes!  And it was exhilarating, PJ!”  So Merry put her umbrella aside and spent the remainder of the day laughing and jumping puddles with PJ.

Here are some quotes I liked about rain:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

“If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.”  Dolly Parton

And my favorite with a YouTube video:  “When life gives you rain – you make a slip-N-slide.”


The Double-Hooded Moot

(Merry Bird’s Adventure continues…)

Merry Bird was settling onto a tree branch, enjoying her evening when she saw the Double-Hooded Moot in the sky.

The Double Hooded Moot

“Tweet Tweet!”  Called Merry to Moot.  “Tweet Tweet, Merry Merry!”  Replied Moot as he landed on a branch beside Merry.

“So nice to see you out on this cool night,” said Merry cheerfully.  “Nice to see you too.  Nice to see you too.  Merry, Merry!”  Replied Moot.  (I realize it is a moot point to mention that Moot repeated everything twice).

“I really like both of your hats,” commented Merry.  “Me too!  Me too!”  Repeated Moot with zest.  “You see Merry, you see Merry;”  Merry nodded her head so that Moot would continue.  “I wear two hats, I wear two hats; because, because; my head and tail feathers, my head and tail feathers; get cold, get cold.”  Merry was beginning to feel like she was hearing an echo in a long tunnel.

“You are very smart,” said Merry.  Moot started nodding his head repetitively which made the tree branch start to sway.  Merry was about ready to jump ship when two moths flew by.  “Oh, Oh; gotta go, gotta go; Merry, Merry!”  Exclaimed Moot excitably.  “I see dinner, I see dinner!”

Merry was relieved so she shouted, “Enjoy your fast food!”  And Moot flew into the sky, flew into the sky!  Bye-Bye!

May your joys be doubled and all your troubles fly away!

Merry Bird Soaks Her Feet with Mallard Duck

As Merry crossed the meadow, she came to a small pond where she noticed Mallard, the Sitting Duck:

No. 101 - Mallard the sitting duck

“Tweet Tweet, Mallard!”  Said Merry cheerfully.

“Why it’s Merry!”  Replied Mallard with a quack, “Please come and sit with me you must be feeling tired on your long journey.”

“How kind of you, Mallard,” said Merry.  “I really could have a rest.  You see I got these new boots and they are starting to cramp my feet.”

“Here Merry,” instructed Mallard, “why don’t you soak your feet in this cool pond.  It always makes my feet feel better.”  So Merry sat down on the edge of the pond with Mallard, removed her boots and dangled her sore feet in the water.

duck and bird feet in water

“Well,” quacked Mallard after a few minutes, “I really must be paddling across the pond.  Twaddle Do, Merry!”

Merry’s feet were starting to feel much better so she dried them on a feather –

my feather drawing

Put her boots back on and went on her Merry way.

(I wonder who she will meet next?  What bird would you like her to meet on her adventure?)

Knobby-Kneed Visits Chiro-Practor Bird

“Tweet-Tweet,” greeted Chiro-Practor Bird to Knobby-Kneed.

“My name is Dr. Os Trich.  How can I help you today?”

Dr Os Trich - Chiro-Practor Bird

“My friend, Merry Bird recommended I visit you,” replied Knobby-Kneed.  “She said you could put me back in the sky in no time.”

“Well, well,” said Dr. Os Trich.  “Let me see what I can do.  Lie here on my table and let me examine you.”  Knobby Kneed laid on the table, beak down.

“Whoop, whoop, woo!”  Said Dr. Os Trich deeply in his throat.  “I see what your trouble is… you have Lopsideditus.”

Knobby-Kneed was caught a bit off-balance.  “Can you help me, Dr. Os Trich?”

“Why, I do believe I can,” said Dr. Os Trich.  “You will need to visit me twice a week for a month so I can straighten you out.”

“Oh, I would be most grateful!” Said Knobby-Kneed, feeling a bit more even already.  “Chirp, Chirp!  Dr. Os Trich!”

Merry Bird Spots Knobby-Kneed In The Meadow

Merry began to cross a meadow when she spotted Knobby-Kneed Flexi-Gone slowly shuffling her pink slippers along the path.

Knobby-Kneed Flexi-Gone Bird

“Tweet Tweet,” said Merry as she quickly caught up to Knobby-Kneed.

“Why, what a nice surprise!”  Replied Knobby-Kneed to Merry.  “How do you stay so flexible, Merry?  I went on a long flight yesterday to visit my mother and today I can hardly move a tail feather.”

“I regret to hear this news,” said Merry sadly to Knobby-Kneed.  “Maybe you need to visit Chiro-Practor Bird?  I hear he can crack a rib or two and put you back in the sky in no time!”

“Well,” said Knobby-Kneed, “I will certainly have to give him a try!  Chirp Chirp!”  (Which is bird speak for thank-you).

Merry Bird Gets Her Tail Feathers Ruffled

Merry saw U-Otta-Doo helping another bird build its nest.  “Tweet Tweet,” said Merry.  U-Otta-Doo dropped the branch she was holding and turned to face Merry.  “Tweet Tweet, Merry!” Replied U-Otta-Doo.  “You know you really ought to wear a smaller hat, Merry.”  (U-Otta-Doo liked to give advice).

“Why I love my new hat,” said Merry, “it makes me happy.”  “Well,” paused U-Otta-Doo, “I just think you ought to wear a hat like mine!  On the tips of my hat are small bells that chime when I fly so other birds recognize me in the sky.”

U-Otta-Doo Bird

“This is very nice for you,” said Merry, whose tail feathers were getting a bit ruffled, “but I like my hat just fine.”  “Twaddle Do,” said Merry and quickly walked on.  U-Otta-Doo picked up the branch she had been holding and mumbled under her beak, “Well, I was just trying to be helpful…”

Merry Bird Meets Fannie Flamingo

One day, Merry was out for a walk wearing her new pink boots and matching cone hat when she spotted Fannie the Flamingo rushing across the muddy shore.

“Tweet Tweet,” said Merry (which is bird speak for Hello).  Fannie who was busy multi-tasking replied, “Tweet Merry!  I’m so sorry I can’t stop and chat but I’m up to my neck with things to do!”

Fannie The Famingo - No. 28

So Merry bid Fannie good-bye, “Twaddle Do!”  (Which is bird speak for good-bye) and went on her merry way.

Merry Bird’s Adventure

In 2014 when I was creating a bird a day for 101 days, I started creating birds wearing hats and shoes.  So I decided to create a story to go with these birds.  Here is the beginning of my story that I will add to it as my story evolves.

Once upon a time, there lived a very “Merry” bird.  Now Merry came from the land of Imagination, where all birds wore hats and shoes.

Merry Bird