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A Hemming Bird

Today, I decided to challenge myself by limiting my collage papers for creating a weird bird.

These are the materials I chose, some were sitting on my table from previous projects:


I cut out shapes and played with patterns until this Hemming Bird appeared from the coat factory family…


He (or she) was looking a little disheveled, so I added a few details to make him look im-pressive… hehe!


I hope your day “shapes up” to be extra wonderful!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

P.S.  The weather is finally warming up in the Pacific Northwest!  Time to ditch the coats!! YAY!

A Slide View

I inherited all my parent’s slides and the slide projector.  I have been meaning to view them again.  I have fond memories from my childhood of watching them and eating popcorn in the living room of my family home…

This may sound silly when everything is so digitized today but there was something special about the hum of the fan, the click of the slides and watching photos of us appear on a “big” screen!  🙂

So today’s weird bird, A Slide Masked Owl is in memory of those simpler times:


Perhaps you didn’t grow up viewing slides on a projector but maybe you slid down a slide or two…


Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Hope you “slide” through your day with a smile on your face!

Cheers! 🙂


A Party Gal And Night Owl

Funny how one idea often leads to another!

I recently created this paper collage for the 100-day project on Instagram (I’m doing 100 days of faces).

“Dottie hoped someone would ask her to dance at the party…”


I found a photo of a face and cut it in half to challenge myself to draw the second half of her face a little differently.  I added collage from a magazine for her dress and a hat from paper I purchased to give her a little zing! 🙂 The background I created with watercolor.

This led me to create today’s weird bird:  “Her friends called her a night owl.”


This one is a bit weird – even for me… but you have to admit, it is quite a hoot to look at!  Lol!  😉

I found an image of an owl, cut it in half and found an image of a gal’s face and matched the two images together.  Next, I traced part of her dress using tracing paper and then cut out a piece of my gelli-printed paper.  I liked the striking contrast with the black and white image with the red.

I found another gelli-print to paste my image to – it looks a bit mysterious with a moon shape in the upper left corner.  The image at the bottom I cut from a piece of collage paper.

I hope you enjoyed learning how I created today’s collages.  These were like a puzzle for me and so fun to do!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

An Owl From Spangle


There once was an owl from Spangle

Who could dance the midnight tangle,

He could dip and sway

Other birds did say –

From a branch at any angle.

Just a little Limerick to give you a smile today!

Cheers!  🙂

It’s A Real Hoot!

Today is “Draw A Bird Day,” that Laura at Create Art Everyday has continued as an art challenge on the 8th of each month.  Any medium is acceptable and all bloggers are welcome to participate.  I encourage you to do so!  🙂

I wanted to create something a little different for my bird.  Since it is the month of October, I decided on an owl.

I started by drawing the outline of my owl with a Zig writer pen and coloring it with Neocolor wax pastels:

Owl in neocolor - 1

I used a photo reference from a beautiful book I purchased from Amazon called, “Owls,” by Marianne Taylor.  It has “owl-mazing” color photographs in it!  I chose my own color palette of course…

I softened my neocolors with water and added white highlights to the eyes with a gel pen:

My wild owl completed

Lots of color!  Just what I like – it’s a real hoot, don’t you think?!

Happy Bird Day!  🙂

The Return of Darth Vador

Do you return to a favorite art medium over and over again?  Kind of like watching a favorite movie several times!

I created this owl tonight after returning home from the lake.  I find creating patterns soothing when I am short on time.

owl in patterns

Afterwards, I noticed my owl looked a little like Darth Vador from Star Wars!  LOL!

When I was in college, I took an art class that was all about creating patterns.  I really enjoyed the class and got an A!  I still have my art from that class and will have to dig it out and show you one of these days…

I started creating these patterns on black paper with color pencils almost one year ago.  Here is an owl I did:

Hank Hoot Owl 9-10-14

It is fascinating to see how my work has changed and evolved in a year.  And that I still like creating owls!

I would love to hear what art medium you return to over and over again and what it brings you – Joy?  Peace?  A special memory?

Happy Creating!  🙂


Owls keep showing up in my art.

This one appeared in my art journal recently.

sketchbook owl

The one below I created in a gelli-printing class last year.  I added some collage elements to it:

Lesson 3 - Owl 1

I made this one in an online class with Carla Sonheim in 2013 – he is a bit wild, don’t you think?

My Owl - smaller format

Then there was the online challenge I did with 2 friends, Corinne and Kathrin.  We created a bird a day for 101 days.  And these guys showed up:

The Hoot Owl Brothers 9-8-14

I took an online class with Diane Culhane called, “Paint Your Garden,” and look who wanted to be included:

The Wise Old Owl

For some reason, I just like making them!

Hank Hoot Owl

Happy Creating!

My Owl Painting

I thought you might enjoy seeing the painting I did of an owl today in stages:

Step 1 – Paint the background a brown color and let dry.  I’m using Arches Cold Press Aquarelle Art Board as my surface.

Step 2 – Draw my image in pencil.  Using a wet brush, I rewetted areas and then lifted the paint with a dry brush and a small damp sponge.

Owl Painting - 1

As you can see, this adds shading even before I add paint!

Step 3 – Start painting with layers of watercolor and white gouache.

Owl Painting - 2

It is starting to look like an owl!  I took a break from sitting and went for a walk outside.  🙂

Step 4  – Add finishing details with a fine brush.

Owl Painting - 3

Signed my name and I’m done!

Would love to hear what you think!  🙂

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Did you know that many owl species have one ear lower than the other?

This helps the owl tell which direction a noise is coming from.  It then turn its head so the sound arrives at both ears at the same time.  It now knows its prey is right in front of it.  Owls can detect a left/right difference of about 30 millionth of a second!  Pretty impressive if you ask me!

My owl sketch

Here is a pencil sketch I did of an owl recently.

Human ears are a different matter entirely.  Humans are bilaterally symmetrical, meaning the left-hand side of our bodies is, at least outwardly, a mirror image of the right-hand side.  However, the symmetry is not exact.  There can be left to right differences in size of hands, feet, ankles and ears!

Do your ears wobble to and fro?

Humans ears and noses continue grow as one ages.

Human Ears Hanging Low

This is because the cartridge in them continue to grow until the day one dies.  Not only does the cartridge grow but the earlobes elongate from gravity.  This can make the ear look even larger.  (Too bad our hearing does not improve with age!)

So have you been humming the song from your childhood while reading this post?  I know I have!

Do your ears hang low; Do they wobble to and fro?  Can you tie them in knot; Can you ties them in a bow?  Can you toss them over your shoulder like a Continental Solder?  Do your ears hang low?!

I bet you start looking more at people’s ears and noses now!  HAHAHA!