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My Owl Painting

I thought you might enjoy seeing the painting I did of an owl today in stages:

Step 1 – Paint the background a brown color and let dry.  I’m using Arches Cold Press Aquarelle Art Board as my surface.

Step 2 – Draw my image in pencil.  Using a wet brush, I rewetted areas and then lifted the paint with a dry brush and a small damp sponge.

Owl Painting - 1

As you can see, this adds shading even before I add paint!

Step 3 – Start painting with layers of watercolor and white gouache.

Owl Painting - 2

It is starting to look like an owl!  I took a break from sitting and went for a walk outside.  🙂

Step 4  – Add finishing details with a fine brush.

Owl Painting - 3

Signed my name and I’m done!

Would love to hear what you think!  🙂

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Did you know that many owl species have one ear lower than the other?

This helps the owl tell which direction a noise is coming from.  It then turn its head so the sound arrives at both ears at the same time.  It now knows its prey is right in front of it.  Owls can detect a left/right difference of about 30 millionth of a second!  Pretty impressive if you ask me!

My owl sketch

Here is a pencil sketch I did of an owl recently.

Human ears are a different matter entirely.  Humans are bilaterally symmetrical, meaning the left-hand side of our bodies is, at least outwardly, a mirror image of the right-hand side.  However, the symmetry is not exact.  There can be left to right differences in size of hands, feet, ankles and ears!

Do your ears wobble to and fro?

Humans ears and noses continue grow as one ages.

Human Ears Hanging Low

This is because the cartridge in them continue to grow until the day one dies.  Not only does the cartridge grow but the earlobes elongate from gravity.  This can make the ear look even larger.  (Too bad our hearing does not improve with age!)

So have you been humming the song from your childhood while reading this post?  I know I have!

Do your ears hang low; Do they wobble to and fro?  Can you tie them in knot; Can you ties them in a bow?  Can you toss them over your shoulder like a Continental Solder?  Do your ears hang low?!

I bet you start looking more at people’s ears and noses now!  HAHAHA!