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Lily Of The Valley

A haiku for you…

Lily white as snow,

Adoring leaves surround you –


Making you the show!

Wishing you a Sunny Sunday to enjoy nature’s beauty around you!

Cheers! 🙂

An Owl From Spangle


There once was an owl from Spangle

Who could dance the midnight tangle,

He could dip and sway

Other birds did say –

From a branch at any angle.

Just a little Limerick to give you a smile today!

Cheers!  🙂

Bare Branches

snow nests in branches

Bare branches bitter-cold

Winter’s blue crystals it does hold,

Against a sky so brilliantly bold!

Sometimes it is difficult for me to find beauty in winter.  On this particular cold day with temperatures in the teens, the snow clung to the branches and reminded me of bird nests.

May you discover hidden beauty in your world!


No Vacancy?

Christmas star best photo

No Vacancy?

 I wonder how a star so bright,

Could not be seen on that starry night?

The keeper of the Inn said; “Go Away,”

When Joseph knocked on his door that day.

Was he thinking, “I can’t spare the time!

Don’t ask me for another dime!

My days are short but demands are great…

Don’t add more tasks to my plate!”

What if he had stopped awhile,

And noticed Mary, due with child.

Would he have been more kind indeed

To see she was someone in need?

Or did he stare and judge the pair,

Then look away without a care?

Their clothes were worn and soiled too

They did not fit in, this wouldn’t do.

Without the Inn, prospects were dim

Yet Joseph did not surrender or give in.

He knew God had a bigger plan

One, he did not understand.


So he led Mary to a stable near.

I wonder did she feel any fear?

Knowing she’d give birth in the hay

Did she doubt God in any way?

I can only imagine Mary’s delight

Holding the Christ Child on that Holy night

Her fears and worries turned to joy

When she gave birth to that little boy.

Do YOU accept this gift of love?

Sent to all from God above

A Savior born is Christ the King!

Can you hear the angels sing?!

It does not cost you a dime you see

Christ paid the price for you and me.

Unlock the door to your heart today

Invite Christ in, do not delay!

By Jill K Kuhn, December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Cheers!  🙂

The Snow Fell Softly


The snow fell softly,                                                                                       Covering the forest floor                                                                                      With an artist’s touch.

Paper collage created with my own Gelli-printed papers and purchased handmade papers and sheet music from a vintage songbook for children.

May you find beauty in the quiet moments today…

Happy Discovering!  😊


A Collage of Sorts

My hubby and I had an AWESOME summer at the lake!  We closed up this weekend for the season and brought everything home.

In between MANY loads of laundry, I wrote a poem and finished it with this collage below:

laundry collage - finish

Beach towels and bath towels,                                                                                 A growing mountain, oh my!                                                                                      I exhale in one very, very LOUD sigh!

Shorts and sweat pants –                                                                                         For hot and cold days…                                                                                          Can I go outside now and just play?!

Swimsuits and bike shorts –                                                                                     To retire for the season,                                                                                              I feel a bit blue now for some silly reason.

Jackets and sweatshirts –                                                                                     We’ll wear this fall,                                                                                                  The piles are spreading out into the hall!

Blankets and bed sheets –                                                                                         To wash and store away,                                                                               Thankful for their warmth, I do have to say!

Undies and socks –                                                                                                         And T-shirts so numerous…                                                                                       If this was a joke, it would be rather humorous!

Old blue jeans –                                                                                                    Comfy and worn,                                                                                                         A little mending for the ones that are torn.

Dress shirts and slacks –                                                                                       Work clothes we wear,                                                                                        These sometimes take a little extra care.

Jammies and night shirts –                                                                                           I think I’m about done,                                                                                                 I hope you enjoyed my laundry day fun!

Happy Creating!  :-)))


Creative Courgettes

According to Wikipedia, Courgette is French for Zucchini!

A friend recently gave me a large Zucc – 11 inches in length:

the real zucc

I hope to make Gluten-Free Zucchini bread with it.   🙂

It got me thinking about how versatile this vegetable is – so I created a poem to go with some Zucchini inspired art:

Zucchini Bread                                                                                                          Cookies and cake                                                                                                                  Is there anything –                                                                                                           This veggie cannot make?

zucc bug

Pizza and noodles                                                                                                      Omelets galore                                                                                                                  This vegetable is never                                                                                                      Ever a bore!

zucc cat

A stir fry perhaps?                                                                                                            Maybe a Quiche?                                                                                                                It’s versatile uses  –                                                                                                               Are very unique!

zucc rodent

It shreds, it fries –                                                                                                         Chops and it blends                                                                                                             It seems to me,                                                                                                                   It’s bounty never ends!

zucc bird

Happy Cooking Creatively!  🙂

A Path In The Woods – Post 3 of 3

I started my poem on Monday of this week and posted my second part on Wednesday.   Here is the completion of my poem.

I walked the path today:

the path for day 3

You know the one…

Where the Yarrow grows wild:

yarrow for 3rd post

By the creek:

the creek day 3

And nature unfolds her beauty:

purple flowers for day 3

As one season ends and the next one begins:

the gold fern for 3rd day post

I hope you have enjoyed taking a walk in the woods with me.  🙂

Happy Friday!

A Path In The Woods – Post 2 of 3

This is my second part for a poem I started on Monday.

I walked the path today:

path for day 2 poem

You know the one…

Over the bridge:

the bridge for day 2 poem

By the creek:

the creek day 2 of poem

Where a bench awaits:

bench by creek day 2 of poem

And we can let our thoughts drift like leaves floating on the water:

floating leaves day 2 of poem

I will complete my poem this Friday, August 21st.

May you find peace in the beauty around you today!  🙂


A Path In The Woods – 1 of 3 Posts

I took some amazing photos this weekend by a creek that I’d like to share with you.  I have written a poem that I am dividing into 3 posts.  I hope you enjoy!

I walked the path today:

a path in the woods

You know the one…

In the woods:

the woods

By the creek:

granite creek

Where the Cedar trees grow:

amazing cedar tree

And moss covers the rocks like a plush green carpet:

moss covered rocks

My next post for my poem will continue on Wednesday!

May my photos give you peace like a walk in the woods brings me…