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The Caroling Bird

Definitely a song bird…


This Caroling Bird sings a song of joy!

Wishing you a HAPPY Weird Bird Wednesday!

Hope you will be singing a happy tune…

Cheers! 🙂

Pie In The Sky

Continuing with the Apple theme for today’s Weird Bird…

I have a slice of humor for you today:


The Apple Pie A’ La Mode Bird

Some days it is good to remember the simple pleasures in life like a slice of pie with ice cream on top!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂


It was “rewarding” to complete a page in my Alphabet Journal this week…


But then I “realized” that there was something missing! 😮

“R” you wondering WHAT that is?!

Well, while I was preparing for my weekend “retreat” at the lake, I discovered a “remarkable” feather…. so I got out my bird feather book:


And in my “research” I discovered the identity of the “Rare” bird from Wednesday:


I hope this gives you a smile today!  🙂

Relax and enjoy your weekend…

Cheers Friends!

Meet Bob’s Cousin!

This is Bob’s Cousin, Dick…

As in un-pre-DICK-able:


One never knows when Dick will just fly in unannounced and spoil the fun…

Like last Saturday when I was hiking on a mountain trail with my hubby and Dick showed up unpreDICKable as always and I slipped and fell…

I didn’t break anything but ended up spraining my left big toe.  I got “the boot” from a trip to the ER:


Here I am at the lake trying to make the best of things…  At lease we had a sunny day!  Lol!

Wishing you a HAPPY day without a visit from Dick…

Cheers Friends!  🙂

Greater Wisdom

As I was creating this old “Duffer” for Weird Bird Wednesday


I wondered how long do birds live?  So I discovered online at National Geographic, that the World’s oldest Flamingo, whose name was “Greater” and lived at Australia’s Adelaide Zoo, was put to sleep at age 83!  The bird was suffering from severe arthritis and was nearly blind so the zookeeper felt it was the humane thing to do.

An Albatross named “Wisdom,” may be the oldest bird to give birth.  At age 62, she hatched a new chick, possibly her 35th baby!  She was still going strong in 2012 living at the Midway Atoll Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific.

I also learned online at Wild Birds, that larger birds tend to live longer.  Check out this link to find other longevity records of banded birds in the wild:

One final note about this old Duffer bird, who was a member of this golf club:


Rarely did he get one stroke under par, (a birdie), two strokes (an eagle) was unheard of and three strokes, (an albatross) was never on his scorecard…

Maybe you know other old duffers who belong to the same club?!

May your day be above par!  Cheers!  🙂

The Eastern Wahoo Bird

I was recently inspired by Teresa Robeson at One Good Thing, who spoke about the Eastern Wahoo for National Arbor Day.  The name of this plant, also known as a Burning Bush – just sounded like one of my imaginary birds to me!

So here is my imaginary bird, the Eastern Wahoo:


I discovered on Wikipedia that the fruit of this specie has also been called, “Hearts Burning with Love,” therefore I added a few hearts to my female bird.

After learning from Teresa that some species of this plant is invasive, I decided to include a Western Wahoo – a bad boy bird of the west:


I hope my two weird birds gave you a smile today!  🙂

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!

Stay CALM And…

Since today is National Tell A Story Day, I decided to combine it with my Weird Bird Wednesday

Harold flew in just in time to help me today…


“Hello Harold!  So nice of you to stop by and help me plant my flowers today!”  I said exuberantly.

“Why of course,” said Harold as he started scratching in the dirt with his feet to make room for my flowers in the planter, “I wouldn’t miss it!”


“You know I am very fond of flowers,” chirped Harold as he perched on a tree branch next to me.  “They add so much color!  And some even attract my friends, the Hummingbirds.”

“Why yes, Harold,” I agreed as I tucked my flowers into the dirt. “Do you have a favorite flower, Harold?”  I asked.

“Why yes I do, Ms. Jill!  I love Violets because in the fall I like to spread the seeds all over,” said Harold flapping his wings.  “Then everyone gets to enjoy them!”

“Thank you Harold for spreading the love of flowers!”  I exclaimed as Harold flew off in the sky.

Now you know how Violets, like these flowers – show up in unexpected places…

So, “Stay CALM and Garden On” like Harold.  🙂


Harold’s Idea

It was a blustery Spring day yesterday when Harold landed on my doorstep.

You do remember Harold, don’t you?

I invited Harold inside for a hot cup of Mint Magic tea:


As Harold’s feathers started to warm-up, he started chirping, I mean, CHATTING almost non-stop!


Here is some of our conversation….

“You know summer is coming,” said Harold while tapping his beak impatiently on his teacup…”

“Why yes, Harold.”  I replied quietly.

“So I think it is time to roll out some fun!”  Replied Harold, waving his wings enthusiastically.

“How do you suggest I do this?”  I replied calmly.

“Well, I think you could start a Weird Bird Wednesday on your blog,” said Harold, spilling a little tea on his scarf in his excitement.

“Oh?”  I replied with caution.

“Why yes,” said Harold, “You could create one of your weird birds from – word of the day.  And maybe your readers will want to suggest a word now and then too!”

“That may work,” I replied as the imagination wheels started spinning in my head.

“And I will get the ball rolling by suggesting the first word for your weekly series,” said Harold with a smile on his beak.

(How could I turn down a smiling bird!)  “Okay, I will do it!” I said happily.  Harold stood and gave me a high-five with his wing.

“What word do you suggest for the first Weird Bird Wednesday?”  I asked.

“Ninnyhammer!”  Shouted Harold as he giggled and flew out my door…

Here is my Ninnyhammer bird (AKA – A Noodlehead):


Now you know how some of my creative ideas get started!  Harold and I hope you play along and suggest words for a future, Weird Bird Wednesday!

Happy Smiles!  :-)))

A Motley Hodgepodge

I haven’t made one of my silly birds in awhile….

Here is a Motley Hodgepodge:

One Strange Bird on black paper

Motley means a combination of different colors.  And Hodgepodge means a confused medley.   The name seemed to fit!

I used a copy of a black and white doodle I created previously and colored it with color pencils.

Hope it makes you smile today!  🙂

Happy Creating!

Bafflegap and Gobbledygook

Word of the day:  Bafflegap

I work part-time for my husband in his mortgage business.  Some days I feel like this Bafflegap bird:

Bafflegap bird

Where everything is puzzling and confusing!  Believe me in the mortgage business, there is a lot of “unintelligible jargon!”  Maybe it just feels that way to me as I am more the right-brain, creative type.

I’m good at organizing loan papers but after awhile my brain gets tired.  This is when Bafflegap’s cousin – the Gobbledygook shows up:

Gobbledygook bird

I start saying things like, “you know, that thingamajig over there…”  Funny thing is my husband of almost 31 years is starting to understand my roundabout way of speaking.  He will reply, “you mean the thingamabob?”

It is scary getting old.  Just so we don’t start looking like our cat!  HAHA!

Jack cat 2009

Here is our happy cat, Jack!  🙂