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The Tip of the Ice Bird

Temperatures may be plunging into the low teens this week in our neck of the woods…


This is when the rare Ice Bird will sometimes appear on a chilly winter day, clutching a blue icicle.

A small bird identified by its skinny, ice-thin legs, blue tip on the end of its beak and large white eyes.

Legend has it, if you are fortunate to spot one, you will likely live in a warm home and never be without electricity for five consecutive days…

Happy Hunting! ❄️🐦❄️


This rare word, I mean bird appeared today:

A Rare Bird

It is a Hilipil for short.  It comes from the land of imagination.

Floccinaucinihilipilification is a noun and one of the LONGEST words in the English language.

Pronounced as flok-sub-naw-sub-nahy-hil-uh-pil-uh-fi-KEY-shuh

It means the estimation of something as valueless, rare.

Now you can dazzle all your friends with this unusual word.  I challenge you to  try saying it three times really fast!   🙂

Happy Creating!

Cowbirds and Cardinals

This udderly ridiculous bird:

my cowbird

Is NOT part cow:

cow sketch

But it is a REAL bird:

brown headed cowbird

Yes!  There really is a Cowbird!

I was doing some online research on Cardinals after my blogger friend, Jodi – who takes FANTASTIC photos – posted a video of  a female Cardinal nesting in her backyard – very cool!  Check out her blog at Life In Between.  (Not only does Jodi take awesome photos of birds, she also shares some delicious recipes that look like they came from a magazine!  She recently did a silly bird in watercolors that I ADORE!)

I had no idea that cowbirds really existed!  Apparently, they are smallish blackbirds.  Cardinals are often “parasitized” by the Brown-headed Cowbird.  This means that the Cowbird waits until the female Cardinal is away, then the Cowbird visits the nest, removes an egg and then lays one of her own eggs.  (Talk about mooooving in!)  The egg is apparently similar in size.  The Cardinal then raises the Cowbird.  I had no idea birds did this!  This Cowbird is certainly milking it for all it’s worth!!!

The Cowbirds are made up of a family of Screaming, Giant, Bronzed, Shiny and Brown-headed birds…(no I’m not making this up!)

Hope you have an UDDERLY creative day!!!  🙂

As Luck Would Have It…

Luck bird

As Luck would have it, Bill showed up just in time…

Bill Bird

To help Curly!

Curly bird


Bill felt

Bill Bird

Luck led him…

Luck bird

To meet Curly!

Curly bird


Curly knew…

Curly bird

She had Luck in her corner…

Luck bird

When her Bill was paid!

Bill Bird

I started my birds by choosing random dictionary words from my pile of scrap paper:

pile of scrap paper

I used other scrap papers for their background and just started gluing with a glue stick.  No thinking.  Just spontaneous fun!

The words in each bird gave me a clue to their name.  And then I just started creating a story.

I find this random play of words, birds and scrap paper to be a great way to relax after a long day!

Happy Creating!  🙂

More Nonsense

Sometimes dictionary illustrations give me ideas for birds such as this one:

The Funnel-Nosed Bosh –

The Nonsense Funnel Bird

The word, “funnel” had a wonderful illustration in a children’s dictionary so I used it for my bird’s beak!

Bosh means:  absurd or foolish talk; nonsense

I added some scraps of scrapbook paper and a new bird appeared!

May you find new meaning in every day words!  🙂

The Cat Bird

Is it a cat with a tail or a bird with a beak?                                                                       I can’t tell you really until I hear it speak!

The Cat Bird

But this bird can sound like a cat mew I’m told…                                                        So listen on my link and tell me what you think!

Enjoy your day!

Mood Rings, Butterscotch and Spring

The Word of the Day:  Switcheroo – which means an unexpected or sudden change or reversal.

This word’s definition triggered my memory of Mood Rings – popular in the 1970’s.  The stone supposedly changed colors according to your mood.  I discovered it has more to do with a person’s body temperature.  To read more about it:

The word itself reminded me of my husband’s favorite cookie that his mom makes called Scotcheroos.  They contain Rice Krispies cereal, peanut butter, chocolate and butterscotch chips and LOTS of sugar!  They are great with a cup of coffee for breakfast!  Here is a recipe if you are interested:

Spring is upon us where I live in the Pacific Northwest.  The sun will be shining one minute and then Mother Nature performs a switcheroo and it starts snowing.

This brings me to my bird for the day:  A Switcheroo

Switcheroo bird

The beak is multi-colored like a mood ring, the body a butterscotch color and my bird is perched on a Spring flower.

Enjoy your day!

C is for Cat and Canary

Here is a new tongue twister for you!

C is for Cat and Canary

I used the Capital “C” for the head of the canary and the cat.  The lower case “c” is used on the canary’s breast and the cat’s license on it’s collar.

Have a CREATIVE day!

The Brolly Bird

Under your umbrella,                                                                                                             Is a handsome bird fella,                                                                                                       Come rain or shine,                                                                                                                 He’s there to cover your behind!

The Brolly Bird

Word of the day is Brolly which is a British name for umbrella.

There actually is an Umbrella Bird!  To see it go here:

The Circus Bird

Some days life feels like a juggling act!  Today was one of those days for me.

No. 92 - The Circus Bird

Hope this bird gives you a smile!